Reflection paper on Psychology Department

Reflection Paper #3
Faculty Page Exploration
• Choose 3 faculty members from the Psychology department and review their departmental
faculty page/lab page. You may pick one faculty member from a different college or
department on campus that conducts research.
• In a minimum 2-3 full pages reflect on the information you read/watched about each faculty
• Required Information
o Faculty member’s name
o university department
o Highest degree earned
o Brief description of their research area
o What interests you about their research
• Paper Requirements
o One inch margins
o Double spaced
o 12 point font
o Times New Roman or similar font
o two full pages
o put your name on the first line of page one
o you may put a title on the second line
• Turn in an electronic version of this paper through Canvas Assignments by the beginning of
class on Tuesday October 6. The assignment will close at 12:30pm that day.
• Each reflection paper is worth 50 points toward your overall grade in this class. This
reflection paper will be graded on the following points as follows.
o Inclusion of required information- 30 points
o Clarity of writing- 10 points
o Spelling/Grammar- 10 points
o 1 point will be deducted for each missing line of text less than the two page

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