Neurological Disorder from social science analyze your disability from a social science perspective

Submit the final draft of your literature review here. Please review these pointers before submitting:

You must include between seven and ten sources, which are listed on a references page at the end of the document.

You must discuss at least four distinct issues as they are presented in your sources; each section should include references to most of your sources.

You should follow one of the formats included in your readings.

Submit the assignment as a Word document.

Proofread this document several times, and re-read the instructions before submitting this assignment.

Re-read the requirements listed in this module before you submit your final draft.

NOTE: If your essay does not include at least seven sources cited using BOTH in-text citations and corresponding reference list citations, you will fail this essay.

Literature review (150 points)

Grading Criteria


Basic Requirements (20 points) 0 5 10 15 20

A submission of at least 1,000 words should be present. Each source should be effectively summarized and discussed in this essay. Summarizes main ideas and significant examples, and presents them accurately. Uses appropriate summarization strategies, including leaving out personal opinion in the summary. Provides appropriate background to summary (author, title, text’s focus). Signal phrases are used correctly and effectively. Signal phrases should be used to introduce information gathered from an outside source, whether you quote, summarize, or paraphrase the source. Effective use of quotations and source information requires that you include quotations and source information in your paper in a way that allows the reader to understand the relevance of the quoted or summarized material to your own argument. You should never drop a quotation or source information into your paper unannounced and apparently unrelated to the ideas around it. The quotation or source information must always be embedded into one of your own sentences. A common way to do this is to use a ‘signal phrase’ that incorporates the quotation or source information smoothly into your writing and, just as importantly, provides context for the material. Very often a signal phrase will also name the author or title of the material, thus serving at once to include the quotation or source information smoothly and to attribute the idea to its source.
Sources (80 points) 0 5 10 15 20
The topic should have a specific focus based on the social sciences. As required by the instructions, the submission should include a clear disability and relate to a branch of the social sciences.
Seven to ten scholarly sources related to the specific focus of your topic should be present.
Each of the scholarly sources related to the specific focus of your topic should be effectively integrated into the body of the submission. Each source should appear in the body of the essay.
Four distinct issues as they are presented in your sources should be present; each section should include references to most of your sources.
Focus and Organization (20 points) 2 4 6 8 10
The essay should have unity, focused through a thesis statement appropriate in scope to an argument.
The essay and paragraphs should be coherent and logically organized. Each paragraph should have a main idea, evidence, and analysis. The writer should give detailed and thorough support, evidence, and reasons for claims and generalizations. Each subdivision from the thesis statement should be described and explained in the body of the essay. Effective paragraphing is a central skill in academic writing, and grasping the general form of a paragraph provides a good foundation for strong writing. One way to envision a body paragraph is as a “complete MEAL,” with the components being the paragraph’s Main idea, Evidence, Analysis, and Link back to the larger claim.
Language, Grammar, and Conventions (30 points) 0 4 6 8 10
The appropriate format should be followed, including correctly formatted APA in-text citations and reference citations. APA format should be followed. See the following page for APA format: the following page for APA in-text citations: the following page for APA reference pages:
An APA reference page should be in place, citing at least seven to ten credible sources.
After reading this essay, the following should be apparent: The language is clear and fluent. The sentence structure is appropriate and varied. Errors are infrequent and do not interfere with comprehension. Conventions of capitalization, punctuation, spelling, format, syntax, and titles are excellent. Formatting is consistent. The submission appears to have been proofread with care multiple times. Spell-check software appears to be utilized.

An “A” essay meets all of the above criteria, reads fluently to an adult reader, is cohesive (all ideas come together logically), is unified (each paragraph focuses on one idea), and persuasively presents textural references that support your case. An “A” essay is excellent, overall.

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