Economic Structural Adjustment program in Zimbabwe

Thirty years after the end of the Cold War and 25 years after majority rule in South Africa brought a regional conflict to conclusion, a question mark hangs over the long- term achievements of southern Africa’s various national liberation struggles. In 2019, rising inequality characterizes many countries in the region, and leading social and economic indicators of “development” have declined. Wealth and power have accumulated in narrow circles of privilege which are now increasingly demarcated by class, rather than by race.
How might we explain this situation, and what real opportunities for resistance and greater political and economic equality now exist in Southern Africa? Write an essay that examines and assesses the dynamics of growing inequality through the lens of a country case study.
Your case study must consider one country (Economic Structural Adjustment program in Zimbabwe) from among the four studied in the course, and focus on a specific policy or development issue. The essay should address, at a minimum, the following questions pertaining to your case study:
• What internal and external forces have shaped the political debates around this issue?
• What role has the state played in shaping this issue; why; and in whose interests?
• What roles have civil society and social groups; why; and with what impact?
• How has political engagement around this issue supported or challenged the established political status quo? Is that status quo changing; and if so, then how, and in response to what factors?
Your essay should draw on at least five scholarly research sources specific to your case study that are not included in the course syllabus. If you are in doubt as to the scholarly character of certain found sources please consult with the course director. In addition, you are encouraged to draw on a variety of research sources – including academic literature, Internet-based materials of official and unofficial agencies and institutions, African and international media, etc.
Format and Due Date:
Your essay should be 10 double-spaced pages (2500 words), APA exclusive of bibliography. must be submitted through the Turnitin link on the course Moodle site.

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