Book Analysis

Savages Critique Paper (17%): Due October 5, 2020
Before we discuss this required book in class, you will turn in a 4-6 page paper that critically
discusses its content. I don’t want you to summarize the story but to analyze it. Assume that I
have read the book and simply discuss and evaluate the multiple social and environmental
conflicts it presents. Do not plagiarize or paraphrase from book reviews or other material – I
want to read your ideas and not someone else’s! Your paper should be well-written, reflect your
ideas, have a descriptive title (I like good titles!), be double-spaced, have 1-inch margins and be
written in 12 pt. Times-Roman (or similarly sized) font. Papers are due before class on October
Savages Critique Grading Rubric:
5 pts: Descriptive Title?

  • Did student spend time coming up with an informative title? Is there a title?
    10 pts: Double-space, 1-inch margins, 12pt font?
  • Did student follow directions and use this format?
    10 pts: Grammar?
  • Paragraph and sentence format? Can I follow their ideas? Vocabulary and
    word choice? Linkages between paragraphs and lead in sentences?
    25 pts: Summary or Analysis?
  • Is the paper a summary of the book (if yes, minus points according to how
    much of the paper is a summary vs. an analysis)
  • Do they delve deeper into the context of the book with their analysis?
    25 pts: Evaluation of multiple social and environmental conflicts?
  • Does the student discuss two or more conflicts encountered in the book?
  • Are these relevant? Were these actual topics in the book?
  • How well does the student present an argument?
    25 pts: Independent ideas?
  • Is it the student talking or is the student regurgitating text from a book review?

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