Contract Drafting Assignment (SALE OF A PUPPY)

In this assignment, you will draft a legal contract with terms that both the buyer
and the seller agree upon. This project is due by 6:00 p.m. on March 16. I
will not accept late submissions. Carefully review the grading rubric associated
with this assignment.

Your beloved Collie, My Consideration, has produced a litter of pure-bred
puppies. You are advertising them for sale for a price of $1,500.00 each. You
want each qualified buyer to sign a contract so that there will be no
misunderstandings in the future.
Mr. Jeff Sterling wants to buy one of your puppies. He intends to show this dog
and wants you to guarantee that the dog will do well and win ribbons. He has
made it clear that he will not buy the puppy unless you can guarantee him
that the puppy will win ribbons.
Create a contract for the sale of the puppy to Mr. Jeff Sterling for $1,500.00.
The puppy is a male dog named “Stare Decisis”.
His litter registration number is 15-0515
His Sire is “Quasi Contract”; registration number 9466824
His Dam is “My Consideration”; registration number 6625407

You may use any sample contracts you might locate on the Internet. Try to find
one designed specifically for the sale of a puppy. Be careful to remove
provisions not applicable to this assignment.
Make sure your contract is legal and enforceable and that it contains all the
essential terms that you and Mr. Sterling want. Remember that parties can agree
to any terms they want as long as the terms are legal. The buyer wants a
guarantee that the dog will win prizes. What are you as the seller willing to do if
the dog does not win? Also, by making this guarantee, what obligations will you
impose on the buyer to ensure the dog is prepared to perform his best in

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