Create a synthesized narrative of your findings for the 25 articles

Graduate Nursing Research for publication writing. At least 14-20 pages depending on the journal choice instruction. Please attach the journal with your work. Provide all the 25 article references and at least 13 new articles used.

Please review the examples below. They are published scoping reviews each having a slightly different format. Remember you are writing  manuscript which you will aim to publish. Therefore, you need to choose a specific journal for which you are writing. Use their author guidelines for format and desired page length. You will need to start with introducing the reader to your topic and why the scoping review is needed. You will then present the process you followed in both narrative and flow chart format. From their you will present your findings in a comprehensive chart and narrative format. From there, you will delve deeply into one philosophy you deem the most appropriate for your research topic. You then make a conclusion. Make sure to include sections for Article analysis ,Selected philosophy justification, Supportive narrative.


·          Create a synthesized narrative of your findings for the 25 articles

·          Choose ONE philosophy and examine it in depth in narrative format (use the highlighted in red philosophy among the 25 in the list)

·          Discuss how it will be used to guide your work (Research question)

·          The paper is to be written for a specific scholarly journal ( pain management Nursing journal please-Instruction is attached or any scholarly pain management journal for nursing  ), of the student’s choice, following the author guidelines for said journal. Thus, there is no prescribed format or length. The paper must be scholarly and of sufficient length to address the topic.

·          If the journal does not identify a specific format, APA format is to be used.

See rubric for specifics and details(Rubric is attached)

Note: this is a philosophy in nursing paper and should integrate explanation with philosophical perspectives.

Examples of scoping review:

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