Attachment to God

  • Answer this question: How does my family influence my experience of God? Discuss how family dynamics(e.g., specific family values, your family structure, your family roles, etc.) can have an impact (both positive and negative) on our experience and connection with God.
    • Ideas to include for influential family dynamics: family’s values and traditions, strength of bond between family members, the functions of family, roles people take in the family. Please use the textbook, your class notes, and/or any other outside source to help you accurately label and explain each of the factors that you outline in this section. Be sure to cite your sources according to APA format.
    • Ideas to include in describing your relationship with God: family and religious relationship, positive and negative experiences with God, first memories of God, prayer practices, how and when do you pray to God, religious practices and rituals, whom do you feel closest with in the Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit), how do you call to God (Abba, Father, Jesus, etc.), general thoughts and feelings about God and your relationship. Consider how the quality of family relationships (e.g., close and nurturing or perhaps distant and indifferent) may impact the relationship with God

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