Prepare a strategic plan that contains the following sections:

Course Objective: Develop the skills to assess the success of the plan.
• Evaluate strategic initiatives to leverage opportunities and mitigate threats to small businesses.
• Demonstrate how to build a competitive advantage through functional level strategy

Prepare a strategic plan that contains the following sections:
• Executive Summary
• Company Overview (with ticker symbol)
• Company History
• Products and or services
• Operations
• Vision
• Mission Statement
• Corporate Values & Culture
• SWOT Analysis
• Competition
• Management team/Leadership
• Financial Outlook
• Strategies
• Conclusion
• Paper must be written in flawless APA format using headers, headings, in-text references, reference page, 1′ margins (use template provided)
• Make sure you use adequate, credible and reliable APA source citations to support your work.
• Your company selection must be listed on either the NASDAQ or NYSE.
• keep in mind that you must still meet the 20% similarity scan requirements upon submission.

Important Notes:
• You must include a minimum of 6-9 sources and 3-4 must be from a peer-reviewed source (library/journal articles)
• Your paper should be in essay format; not bullet format.
• Minimum 12 full pages of content (Word Document) of strategic material (does not include cover page, executive summary nor reference pages); DO NOT GO OVER 14 pages of actual CONTENT (max content).
• All charts, graphs and pictures are to go in appendix (not a substitute for content)
• NOTE: Strategic Plan must return a similarity scan of 20% or less (the following will be excluded: headers, bibliography, etc. prior to instructor grading paper – focus on content of scan percentage)**

Due to the consistent duplication of companies used for the strategic plans, semester after semester, the following companies are off limits as it relates to your week 7 strategic plans (no credit will be granted if submit a plan written on any of the below companies):
• Amazon
• Apple
• AT&T
• Bank of America
• Berkshire Hathaway
• Best Buy
• Boeing
• Chase Bank
• Coke
• Costco
• Delta Airlines
• Exxon Mobil
• Facebook
• Ford
• General Dynamics
• General Motors (GM)
• GoPro
• Home Depot
• Lockheed Martin
• Lowes
• McDonald’s
• Microsoft
• Nike
• Pepsi
• Sams Club
• Starbucks
• Target
• Tesla
• Under Armour
• Walgreen’s
• Wal-mart
• Walt Disney
• Wells Fargo
• Wendy’s
• Whole Foods

I’m more than confident that each of you can locate a company, publically traded company (listed on NYSE or NASDAQ), that you can conduct your strategic analysis project. Your company selection DOES NOT need to be approved by the instructor

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