Film studies

Assignment 1: Participation in synchronous sessions and asynchronous online discussions on
Eclass (or other online platforms as appropriate): 10% ongoing
Assignment 2: play/think/make/engage digital journal 35% weekly (or week 6+11 – see below)
You will maintain a regular play/think/make/engage digital journal as part of this course. It can
be mostly text -based or multimodal – add media to bring your entries to life! Ideally, if eclass is
working, you will upload entries to the appropriate spot there where it can be shared with
others (otherwise you will upload to Google drive or dropbox or mount to your own website for
grading twice during the term – week 6 and week 11).
Play – every week find something to play or experience and tell me what you did and what you
thought about it. You can also show me, by capturing gameplay etc. If there is an assigned game
text or experience for a given week, play that! But otherwise this category is entirely your choice
– or can be in addition to what we might be talking about in class. Play a console game.
Experience immersive stories in virtual reality. Play a card game. Explore interactive
documentary. Sign up for an ARG experience. I’ll suggest some possibilities in case you’re stuck.
Think – respond critically to the required reading/viewing for the week and ask at least one
smart question about it.
Make – Most weeks you will be able to satisfy this requirement by completing exercises from
our required text: Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative
Games. As you begin to work on your final project, it will also be a great occasion to experiment
a bit – maybe create artwork for your arg or game, practice creating with Twine, work on a
storyboard for your immersive narrative etc. You may provide any kind of documentation of
your practice here – either the thing itself, a photo of it or a description + reflection.
Engage – engage each week by commenting on at least one play/think/make uploaded by
someone else. Think of the kind of engagement you’d like to receive yourself when you do this –
the most meaningful engagement goes beyond a ‘this is great!’ to a sentence or two about why
it’s great. Technical advice is good, too – and examples and counterexamples of games.
Film/game/media recommendations based in what someone uploads would also be very
welcome. (obviously if we can’t count on eclass we may need to rethink this requirement)
Assignment 3: Project Proposal, 5% – pass/fail (brief oral + written) – week 5 and 7
Students are required to submit a proposal for creative work or a paper topic. This will be
presented orally in class during a synchronous session on Week 5, so we can collectively benefit
from the range of ideas. 5 minute maximum. You may share design ideas/media inspirations etc.
via screenshare. It will also serve as an opportunity to connect projects and expertise and
possibly create teams, if you are interested in pursuing a more ambitious, collaborative project.
Final written confirmation of what you are going to do (a paragraph is fine) so you may receive
approval is mandatory and due Week 7. This is also the right time to tell me if you are working in
a team and confirm team membership and responsibilities. You must participate in both the oral
presentation and hand in a confirmation of what you’re doing after you’ve had some time to
reflect in order to receive this 5%. In addition, final projects that have not been approved may
not be graded.
Assignment 4: Paper or Project 40% – week 12
Students undertake a creative project or a traditional paper directly pertaining to the themes
discussed in class. An artist statement must accompany creative work. Please note that while
many kinds of creative projects are acceptable – paper prototypes, twine games, Unity
experiments, machinima, VR escape room prototypes, scripts for spatial experiences, design
documents for alternate reality games, film rides or Immersive theatre etc. – equipment,
instruction and lab time is not provided part of this course. Final projects and paper topics must
be approved by the professor. Due Week 12 – last day of class.
Assignment 5: 10% Oral interview (possibly officially scheduled during the examination period,
but not a formal exam – but maybe spread out between weeks 7-12). Meet one-on-one with
Caitlin to share what you’ve learned and receive feedback on the work you have handed in. I’m
looking forward to finding out how you think about games and media and the themes of this
course. Pass/fail. Mandatory.

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