If A Project Is Complex And Uncertain More Time Needs To Be Spent Scoping The Project And Making Sense Of How The Project Will Contribute To The Overall Organizational Strategy. For This Post, We Will Discuss The Link Between The Project Scope And Strategy.

The Link between the Project Scope and Strategy

 Project scope is an outline of what is expected to be handed over to the customer after the completion of the project (Joslin & Müller, 2016). However, these various combinations of variables shape the choices of the product and the service to direct what the organizations are set to offer to their customers. “Projectification’, or working through a project helps in the grouping of the right strategies so that the organization can achieve requirements of the customer. This is a key concept that creates a link between project scope and strategies. I am interested in this concept because it helps in defining the resources and the capabilities of a company to deploy the right strategies and by way of their requirements according to the scope of the project especially on the processes involved and the deliverables (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017).

After reading the article by Morschett, Schramm-Klein & Zentes (2015), who wrote an article on Strategic International Management, I found that I needed to carry out a further research of the topic due to academic curiosity. I found out that the variables spelled out in a project scope which includes the nature of the selection of the project, the way the project is resourced, the comparative effect of the project on the practical extents and the tactical selections that the organization is supposed to take so that to realize the provisions of the project scope, re-count to the skills, operational practices, the workforces and most importantly the strategies employed by the organization. I realized that the competence of the organization is its ability to deliver its strategy through the project scope. This was a broad topic and it attracted my attention and wanted to carry out more research.  

According to Morschett, Schramm-Klein & Zentes (2015), it is clear that the concept of the link between the project scope and the strategies can be best explained by showing how the top management has to go through the process of sense-making of the control and support to fulfill the requirements of the project. The authors further explain that when an organization is presented by project scope, they seek to provide the best strategies based on a reflection of their past applications and also propose a need to augment their strategy for better routine.

On the other hand, they argued that when an organization shows flexibility and look for the good strategies in its place, it becomes more copious about the project scope in terms of how they chose to acclimatize on the guidelines of the scope in through the best strategy that they thinks fits the project. However, they argued that the concept project scope and strategy have pros and cons. They pointed out that this concept will have effects on the exclusive nature of the project that works to customized resolutions, and also, too much suppleness may lead to confusion and may expose the individuality of the organization to risk.

The authors found out that the concept of the link between the project scope and strategy is strategic direction that an organization is set to take so that it can carry out its duties and also increase its congruence with the business environment. There has been vitality in the tactical formation of most organizations but under the general way distributed by the sophisticated order tactical choice, it was found that it is compulsory for the organizations to conform to this concept. The encounters of these kinds of vitality were found to increase the aptitude to comprehend and distribute the project scope.

The cited work relate specifically to the content of this module in that it offers a clear insight and a broader view on how the concept of the link between project scope can be applied in diverse situations and lead to realization of positive results.

The materials researched was in line with the cited article. The 5 articles offer vast knowledge on the link between project scope and project strategies. For instance, Shirazi, Kazemipoor & Tavakkoli-Moghaddam (2017), in their article on Fuzzy Decision Analysis for Project Scope Change Management, say that the project scope determines the strategies that are required to realize the project scope. This means that the one aspect is as a result of the other; if there is no project scope, then strategies will not be produced. Further they go on to argue that strategies determines how a company works. This shows that the connection between project scope and strategies play an important role in the growth of a cooperation. The other three articles listen in this papers are also in consensus with the argument by Morschett, Schramm-Klein & Zentes, (2015).

From my interment research I found that there are enough material in the platform to help me reduce my knowledge curiosity. The few materials presented in this papers are just some of what I covered and increased my knowledge. I found that the concept of the link between project scope and strategies is a broad topic that requires more research.


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