Q1. Discuss The Integrated Marketing Communication (Imc) Mix Components Used To Promote The Product, Netflix. Q2. Discuss The Firm’s Advertising Media Mix (Broadcast, Print, Electronic)

Netflix – Promotion and Social Responsibility

          Integrated marketing communication is the process through which all the activities cross many communication methods are coordinated. It is always goal oriented it is still in line with the marketing strategy of the company. Its main aim is to deliver a specific message to a particular target audience with the intention of changing their perceptions. Integrated marketing communication is essential because it makes the activity of marketing more efficient and effective since it relies on many components of communications and customer touchpoints to deliver the same message in many convincing ways (Andrews & Shimp, 2017).

         Advertising is any paid form of delivering ideas, goods or services by a sponsor and it is one of the components of integrated marketing communication. Advertising involves the use of mass media channels such as television, magazines, newspapers, and radios. It targets individuals by their characteristics and profile behaviors. Netflix carries most of the advertisements through the internets and even pop-up advertisements. 

         Public relations is another component of integrated marketing communication. Graber & Dunaway (2017), assert that public relations is aimed at creating a good relationship between the organization and the targeted public segments. Public relations is done through unpaid media platforms such as articles, press and media coverage, conferences and events every time an opportunity comes about. Although the public relations is usually unpaid for and the organization may even earn from it, they may spend a lot of resources in the events and activities and even the people who attract attention.

        Personal selling and sales promotion are two components that go hand in hand. Personal selling is used to create a relationship between the target audiences and audiences through live interactions. Sales promotion is a way of enticing customers to liking the products and services being offered.  When conducting personal selling, the organization can understand the needs of the customer while pushing sales through promotions such as buy one get one free.

        Digital marketing is a component of integrated marketing communication that has gained a lot of attention recently.  It is very wide and covers areas such as search-engine, content and even social media marketing.  Netflix has taken full use of this component since it is its main marketing platform. The advances in technology have evolved with the tools of digital marketing, and this has been a significant site of selling products, services, ideas, and experiences (Blakeman, 2018).

         Netflix employs a media mix in its advertising process. The media mix includes; print, broadcast and electronic. According to Andrews & Shimp, (2017), print advertising involves the printing of magazines, brochures, handouts, leaflets, flyers and point-of-sale advertising which the customer can take and read. Netflix has not fully assumed this method although it is using it in some parts of the world.

         Broadcast advertising includes mass-market communication through television and radio. It is the most dominant way of reaching large masses of people. Netflix has put this method into use, and it is effectively executing it. It has ventured into television and radio advertisements which have been very active since they are simple and easy to understand.

         Electronic advertisement is also referred to as digital media. It the advertising of product and services through the internet and Netflix has used this to its fullest. This is the primary advertising platform for Netflix. It sells all its products and services through the internet. Internets platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook have been very effective in enhancing digital marketing (Kasemsap, 2017).


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