Using No Fewer Than One Example Per Book Section, Describe To Dr. Tate Your Perspective On No Fewer Than One Example From Each Of The Following Categories: Example Of Jegnaship Between Dr. Tate And Another Figure In The Text.

Letter to Dr. Tate

Dear Dr. Tate, am glad to profess the nature of your contribution to the fight for justice in schools. It was important reading the inspirational quotes you used to motivate people. For instance, you told the blacks that they will never get freedom after giving up.  In regards to the book by Vanessa Siddle Walker, you shared on the way to fight for the rights and justice in school. For instance, traveling under the unpaved roads in the cover of the night, meeting up with other educators, politicians and even the United States president. It is imperative that this was important in achieving the goals for justice in schools. I admire the courage and endurance for the fight despite the challenges you faced. Moreover, I strongly believe that your outstanding talks motivated the people in the society to stand in what they wanted as their rights especially for the justice in school.

The book “lost education of Horace Tate” is a monumental work that provides fresh insights to the southern struggle for human rights showing little-known accounts of leaders such as James Weldon, W.E.B Du Bois and you all together. It is important to determine the Jegnaship which exist between you and another important figure such as James Weldon Johnson. For instance, James Weldon Johnson is remembered for the creation and development of the Harlem Renaissance. Moreover, he was also a civil right activist who also fought for the rights of the people of color in the United States. It is imperative that his approach to fighting for the people of color was general and not specific. Therefore, in regards to this, It is important to note that you managed to progress from a junior teacher to an administrator to attain a better ground to fight for the rights particularly justice in school. It appears that the school teachers, principals, and administrator were being treated unjustly by the authorities. Thus, comparison to James Weldon, you were more specific to fight for justice in schools.

Consequently, it is also evident in the text on the creativity and institution building shown by Georgia Teachers and educators association. Based on this, I want to say that the teachers at the Georgia and educators were very supportive in supporting the fight for justice for the people in the states. It is revealed that the generations of the black educators were acting strategically and covertly to attain the anticipated change. For example, as the NAACP were protesting over justice, it was important to have a player behind the scene for the success of the movements. I want to commend the effective strategy which you and the educators used to achieve the fight for justice. It would have been challenging or futile without the use of ideas and skills. In addition to this, the use of strategy is also evident when the executive and educators drafted the principle into the world war 11 as you take over as administrator. Therefore, the level of creativity exhibited by the teachers at Georgia and educators was motivated by the agenda of getting justice.

It is explicit that black educator’s especially female ones carried with the gendered experiences and point of view which have been silenced for a long time. It is vivid that despite the challenges the black educators were facing at that time, still, they had distinctive goals, missions, decision-making and styles which was important to understand. For examples, the black educators wanted to design, develop and implement optimal learning opportunities for the students, yet in greater context, they had been ridiculed for not being team players. Moreover, they also wanted to get along with the students because through that they were going to achieve their significant objectives of justice in education. It is evident that white educators were able to comment that the relationship between black educators and students was strong. I believe this was one of the strategies set by the black teachers to get to their original plan. It is important to note that having goals is essential in life.

Reading the book “Lost education of Horace Tate” by Walker was an inspiration to my life while writing this letter is my communication media. First, I was able to understand and learn about important people who are not recognized in the society, and yet they sacrificed for the coming generation. Secondly, to me, this book is a reminder of the long fight for justice in schools which was later won through creativity and setting up of strategies. Writing this letter to an ancestor is important to me since it connects me to the people who I miss in life. The current freedom and justice in school is a representation of their long fight in the past. Therefore, I believe through this letter, part of what I wanted to say is relayed. I want to thank you for the inspiration and most importantly for the current justice being experienced in schools, regards.


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