Identify At Least 2 Advantages And 2 Disadvantages Of Reducing Project Scope To Accelerate A Project. Discuss What Could Be Done To Reduce The Disadvantages.

Reducing Project Scope To Accelerate A Project

Project Scope

Project scope is the process and procedures that should be done in a project so as to give the products that are required, services and results with certain functions and features. Kerzner & Kerzner (2017) assets that reducing the scope of the project means drawing boundaries around the project so that every party that is involved is aware of what should be done and should not be done. The need for project scope management cannot be overemphasized since it can lead to serious effects on the general success of the project.

Advantages of Reducing Project Scope.

Reducing the project scope is most likely to make the project to stay on time and be on the right budget. Reducing the scope of the project means emphasizing on the deliverables and the objectives of the project. This ensures that all the project work that is required to be done is done to completion and this ensures the success of the project. defining and controlling what is included in the project and what is not ensures that the project stays on the designed budget and overspending is also reduced. This ensures realization of more profit.

Reduction of the projects scope keeps the project focused. Through creation of work breakdowns, the deliverables of the project are broken into smaller and more manageable work components. The components are assigned to different people and this ensures that every involved party remains focused on their respective works. Martinelli & Milosevic (2016), says that when the work is broken and reduced to these finite amount of work, finite and small amount of time and resources are required to accomplish these works. This ensures that the project is focused and on the right track. Reducing the scope is very important in keeping the project on the right track and maintaining a direction-oriented plan that ensures success of the project.

Disadvantages of Reducing Project Scope.

Reducing the project scope cuts off the requirements that were once considered important and part of the project. when the scope of the project is reduced, most of the things that were part of the project are cut off and some may include what was once considered important to the success of the project. reducing these requirements may slow down the project and lead to usage of more resources and time. it may also lead to delivery of product or service of low quality due to lack of some process that were supposed to be there but were cut off during the reduction of the scope of the project.

A great idea that would be potential to the success of the project could be skipped over as being out of the scope. When reducing the scope of the project Potentially important ideas may be deemed out of the scope and left out. This would have a very negative impact on the projects. Rumeser & Emsley (20180), points out that the project would end up losing out on very important ideas that would develop it to be a better project and more productive. These important ideas which are the foundation of the project are important in successful accomplishment of the project and good delivery of products and services.

To reduce the disadvantages of reducing the project scope, it is important to leave the project capable of include out of scope project later. It is also important to include reasons on why some items were left out and set a time frame on when these items can be looked into again.


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