Gun Control

Part 1

The gun control issue is not just a question of either you like the gun or you don’t nor is it about liking control or disliking it. This is a -should be- situation by judging the effectiveness of the control and specifically the control by government as the regulations provide. Many people in the United States who oppose the gun control rule say that already there is 20,000 guns’ laws in the state and as more laws are imposed, an increase on gun violence happens. Van Sparrentak et al., 884-886. Those inclined towards the gun control say that these are solely state and local laws which impacts are limited and without them, there would be an increase in the incidents of abuse of guns. Another dispute on the gun control is the use of gun in self-defense. The opponents of gun control say that guns are put into use up to 2.4 million times per year in self-protection. Proponents say that this number is most likely to be 80,000 times (Van Sparrentak et al., 884-886).

It is clear that crime related to the use of guns has more than one cause and the way it is measured and the trends are subjected to manipulation. When the rates of adult homicide in the urban areas is on the verge of being decreased by use of tough gun laws, this is a proof of how effective the control is, increasing the youth homicide rates in the urban area is also seen as a proof of its futility. With these divergent statistical ammunition sets of thinking, it is important for one to pronounce their stand armed with facts and figures.

Part II

Under the second amendment, American citizens have the right to have and own handguns. The amendments say that the people have the right to keep and bear arms and this right should not be infringed (Goodman et al., 67-82).

This is very true because guns don’t kill, it is the people who kill. It is not good to punish every citizen by denying them the right to own a gun instead it is the work of the law enforcers to punish criminals who use the guns. It is advisable for them to introduce a mandatory and a long term sentence to prison on the criminals in an effort to curb and reduce crime in an effective way than gun control.

With strong gun laws, it will be hard for citizens to protect themselves and their families. It is true that crime threatens everybody and any time and the police are not always there to whenever the criminal appears. It is important for the citizens to be allowed to hold guns so that they can protect themselves against danger any time.

It is a tradition for Americans to hold guns. They have been in possession of guns since time in memorial and throughout the country’s history. Imposing gun control rules will ruin this tradition which has been honored over the time.

There is no indication whatsoever to show that the existing laws to control ownership of gun have reduced crimes and violence. It is true that New York and Washington, D.C., bear the strongest gun control laws throughout the nation, yet it is in these states that crimes and violence are rampant. The violence and crime in these cities are very strong than other that do not have strong gun laws.

Controlling gun will not change the condition of the heart. It arguable that gun control laws have not reduced the violence of gun usage around the world since criminals use other alternative weapons to commit crimes. Use of knives, attacks by use of vehicles and homemade explosives are capable of doing almost the same amount of damage that a gun could do and sometimes even more harm when put into the hands of the right person. So gun control policies do not prevent crimes from a person who is ready to commit it.

Part III

It is true that the supreme court of the united states has ruled that the second amendment provides that it is the right of the state to maintain militias.  This means it does not give private citizens a right to own guns.

Criminals prefer using guns since handguns have been readily available. The criminals will continue using these guns as long as there is little control and regulation over their sale and possession.

Part IV

On the case of criminals using guns due to their availability, it is not true because criminals can use knives, explosives vehicle attacks to accomplish whatever they want.

It is not true that guns will lead to homicide, a gun at a home is meant for protection it is always locked safely to prevent wrong usage.

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