Analyze and explain the differences in ideology that might force an individual to commit a terroristic act?

Differences in ideology that might force an individual to commit a terroristic act

Ideology and motivation influence objectives of terrorists operations. Groups having secular ideologies and goals that are not religious often attempt discriminate and selective violent acts with an aim of achieving specific political aims. They aim at keeping their casualties at minimum amounts required to attain their objectives (Fiala, 2007). Secular groups perform violent acts to avoid backlash that may damage the organization severely. They also aim at maintaining the appearance of the rational group having legitimate grievances.

In contrast religious and millenarian oriented groups attempt to inflict as many casualties as possible, since they argue that losing life is irrelevant and best while involving many casualties. Religious groups assume that their co-religionists who lose lives are least accounted for because they will reap the benefits of their after-life (Guss, Tuason, & Teixeira, 2007). The religious groups argue that if the targets are non-believers, it is their moral duty to kill them because they deserve death. Groups motivated by political, social and secular issues target high symbols of authority such as government offices, national airlines, multinational corporations, and banks, that are directly related to social order established by the government. Secondly, secular groups commit attacks to representatives associated with social injustice, exploitation of the economy, political repression among others.

Nationalist groups strike with an aim of commemorating battles or were losses in a conventional struggle. Religious groups strike with an aim of marking particular appropriate observances (Guss, Tuason, & Teixeira, 2007). Most groups attack with an aim of commemorating anniversaries regarding successful operations, death executions of executives that were related to certain conflicts. Other groups attack on specific days important to enemies to give the required impact.

Do you think terrorists could be viewed as martyrs? Why?

Suicide acts are sub-sets of terrorism. A martyr is a person who upholds by being killed through unjust means. Martyrs are persecuted because of refusing to renounce or deny and comply with certain rights. Martyrdom relates to religious practices, since most people are killed because of their religion that is contrary to the expectations of the society. Terrorist are viewed as martyrs because they agree to die to safeguard their positions as loyal terrorists. Moreover, most terrorists receive teachings, which confines them to believe that committing terrorist activity will help them obtain a share in heaven (Adams, Balfour, & Reed, 2006). As a result, the suicidal terrorists among other are willing topay any cost including their own life to have heavenly share and achieve their set goals and objectives.

Reasons for committing terrorist acts

Terrorists commit violence acts to produce widespread fear, get recognized nationally, locally and internationally since they will get attention from the media. Terrorist acts are done to weaken and embarrass government security forces to make it overreact and become repressive. Terrorists steal and extort money and equipment as well as weapons and ammunition that are vital in the group’s operations. They aim at destroying communication lines to create doubts to citizens that the government is not providing enough security to protect its citizens. Terrorists aim at discouraging  foreign investments, tourism among other programs that assist the government to get revenues and support. Other terrorists acts are aimed at freeing prisoners, satisfying their vengeance acts, and turn into guerilla war by forcing security in the government to concentrate their efforts in urban areas. As a result, terrorists take advantage of abandoned rural areas to establish itself.

Do you think people who are willing to give their life for their cause are sane and rational or insane and irrational? Why?

I think people willing to commit their life for their cause are sane and rational because insane persons have no proper minds to follow instructions given by their supervisors. People committing suicides are first taught on various believes that make them want to commit suicide. Example, only sane persons note that their lifestyle is having a downward trend and desire to end their lives before they face the worst in earth. The economic conditions are stressing with most people having to stay jobless. Most youths are completing school with no ready job market to absorb them. As a result, they get desperate and join terrorist groups with a promise to commit any suicide act to earn a living.

Only sane people realize that they are facing difficulties and look for ways to improve their lives. In addition, the groups are taught various believes according to the terrorist associations joined (Guss, Tuason, & Teixeira, 2007). They are forced to swear to do any act that will benefit the group. Only sane persons are teachable and understand the teachings and meaning of swearing. The trainees have to agree to rules and regulations formed by various groups. In conclusion, only sane persons follow instructions given on where to locate themselves to commit suicide attacks. People with rational minds realize the advantages that come with committing suicide acts and way them with benefits their beneficiaries will get. They decide on best action to take with realization of and the end results that they will die after attacking certain areas.


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