Question 6 for geography

Question 6 for geography

Media plays a significant role in this contemporary society. It informs the society about things happening in the country from various fields such as politics, business, sports, and contemporary issues about a government that citizens do not know. There are various advantages that a government can have from controlling the press. First, the press will only report positive things about the government. It makes the government appear clean to the public because the press is the eye and ear of the people. Second, the government exercising control over the press enables them to get public opinion on important matters involving key issues. On the contrary, one disadvantage of the government controlling the press is that it undermines the rights of the media of self-regulation as well as citizen’s right of information. Through this, the press control can be viewed as a form of dictatorship.

The constitution has clearly outlined the fundamental rights of everyone, and the government has no power to deprive anyone of such rights. The constitution has granted everyone the freedom of speech and expression unless it interferes with the public peace. Thus, a lawsuit against the government appears to be a good direction in case the government prevents me from using the media to express my opinion. In the courts, it will be considered as an act to infringe my freedom of expression. The courts have a mandate to make sure that no one regardless of their position disregards the power of the constitution. However, even with the constitution, it can be very risky to fight against the government. The move to file a lawsuit against the government can be considered as a plot to make the people lose confidence in the government.

Question 7

The Pentagon papers had documents that were important to the US defense force involvement in Vietnam wars. I believe there are some information that the government can hold especially in matters to do with security. For instance, there is a possibility of the information getting to the hands of enemies of the US or rather the spies. In light of this, in the middle of a war, the American public did not have a right to know the content of Pentagon papers. The US involvement in Vietnam as a major content in the papers was meant to be a secret, and only some defense officials knew the move. Therefore, releasing the information to the public was a great risk to the Country especially their reputation. The American Public can only be informed about issues that cannot affect the operations of the government. 

For security and confidentiality, the public should not have known about the content of the Pentagon. I think there was room for compromise on the issue of security and rights to information as accorded in the constitution. The American public has a right to be informed of what is happening in the government, but not all information can be released to the public. It is totally unwise to release such information to the public on the basis of rights. Besides, in regards to the Pentagon papers, the US Supreme Court ordered a check on the papers. The question that many people asked, what if the information was confidential and through this the spies affecting the military operations. It is important for the courts to balance between rights and security especially where information and privacy is concerned.