Personal reflection

● Personal reflection
Write a personal statement reflecting on changes and developments in your own
practice, skills and competence related to your experience of completing the health
protection incident scenario.
Word limit: 1000 words. This part of the assessment contributes towards 20% of the
total module mark.
Please refer to the detailed guidance provided in the Assessment Guidance section
to help you prepare your re-assessment attempt.
● Reflective statement (WRIT1) submission link (August)
● Assignment / TurnItIn
● Use this assignment link to submit your personal reflection on your experience
of the health protection scenario.
● If you are re-attempting this assessment, you can base your reflection either on
your experience of the scenario in May, or the August scenario (if you are also
attempting that re-assessment). Please review the specific feedback that was
given on your first attempt so that you know where to focus your improvements.
● If you were unable to attempt the scenario and reflection in May, you should
base your reflection on your experience of the August scenario.
● To give you a little more time to reflect after completing the August scenario,
the deadline for this assessment has been set to
Guidance on approaching this task
There are various approaches you can take to begin your reflection – we find the “What? So
what? Now what?” approach (Rolfe et al, 2011) quite a useful model:
What? – describe the situation
● What was the problem/issue/task?
● What was I trying to achieve?
● What was my role?
● What did I do and how did others respond?
● What were the outcomes?
● What was good/bad about the experience?
So what? – discuss what you have learnt from this situation
● What was going through my mind as I engaged in the tasks?
● What did I base my activities on?
● What other knowledge (experience, personal, scientific) could I bring to the
● How could I have made things better?
● What does this tell me about my research skills, abilities and attitudes?
Now what? – Identify what needs to be done
● What might I do in a similar task next time?
● What do I need to do in order to improve my skills?
● What actions will I take to make those improvements?
We don’t recommend you use all of the above questions as headings/sub-headings in your
final report – it will be too disjointed. Instead, use the questions to make notes to help you
reflect on what you’ve done and how you performed – notes from this process will then help
you pull together a final reflective essay