motivational theories and incentive plan

Deliverable Length: 3 pages

Using your textbook, the library, the Internet, your personal experience, and independent resources, research long- and short-term incentives and motivation programs that are currently being implemented in the education or training industries. Based on your personal interest or alignment, select 2 position categories—one from each Based on your research of motivational theories, long-term and short-term incentives, and motivation programs, complete the following:
Develop a motivation and incentive plan that would be appropriate for your selected positions in a specific organization. Make special note of any plan differences that you may create within the plan to address the unique needs of the position type, organization, or situation.
Be sure to include examples of the following:
Pay-based incentives, such as incentive pay
Team incentives or motivational programs
Management plans for the incentive programs, including such things as plan administration and communication
Nonmonetary incentives, including triggers for the internal as well as external motivation of employees
Prepare a document that highlights your plan elements. Tie your plan to established motivation theories (Maslow, Vroom, two-factor, etc.), and show relationships between the theories and your plan.
Imagine your readers as executive administration, and you are seeking approval for implementation of your plan in the selected organization. Be sure to note how you are addressing the unique elements of your personal job categories.
Add a reference list. Include citations, in 10-point font, on the screens of your presentation, where appropriate. Title and reference list slides will not count toward the deliverable length