art and social conflict in the U.S. as represented in a current exhibition or gallery/museum/public art installation

Submit your paper as a .pdf or .doc file online through Turnitin and deliver a hard copy to the Art History Department Office (THH 355) by noon

You will write a Position Paper about art and social conflict in the U.S. as represented in a current exhibition or gallery/museum/public art installation or performance art event in Los Angeles. Your choice of exhibition, installation, or performance should fall within the timeframe of the course (1970s to present). Your paper should not be a visual analysis of a single work of art, but rather an analysis of how images, objects, and/or actions work together to create meaning within the context of your chosen exhibition, installation, or performance. In order to articulate your position (an arguable opinion about the topic in question), you will need to conduct research about the artworks, artist(s), exhibition/performance site, and/or their historical and social contexts. In addition to drawing from the course readings and your lecture notes, please use at least five other sources, at least one of which should be a scholarly publication (such as a book, exhibition catalogue, or peer reviewed journal article). Other primary sources might include artist/curatorial statements, interviews, reviews, etc. The paper should be 5–7 pages, not including images and bibliography.
All written works will be graded on content, organization, logic, grammar, and the proper citation of sources. The Writing Center (THH 216; tel: 213-740-3691) is available to help with your writing, especially if English is not your first language. If you plan to work with them, contact them well in advance. TAs welcome consultation on how to plan and complete the assignment on time.
Format and style:
1) Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font
2) Use citations (see for University policies on
plagiarism; ask your TA if you're not sure whether or how to cite a source)
3) You may use either Chicago Manual of Style or MLA format
4) Images (including at least one selfie) should be attached at the end your paper, not
embedded within the text
5) On the first page, include your name, course title and number, instructor’s name, date, and title of your paper.
6) Includepagenumbers
Recommended Electronic Sources:
· ARTstor, One of the largest online digital databases
· Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists, Encyclopedia of art and artists
· JSTOR, Database of a wide variety of scholarly articles
· ProQuest, Database of scholarly articles, dissertations & news, etc.