The Race and Survival Of The Fittest Notion

The major aspect of Darwinism is the idea of the survival of the fittest, which requires various groups that are different to allow the natural selection process (Black, & Hinchey, 2009). According to history in the United states of America, the inferior groups in the society was more likely to become extent leaving no posterity while the superior thrived and was able to go behind the offspring to progress the lineage to some days in the future. Just like the animals in the game where the rule of the survival of the fittest is in place, where the strongest animals will strive and survive the harsh conditions and the predation from the other animals. In the current environment perhaps in the land of the humans, the survival of the fittest still takes place due to the shortages of the natural resources that will only allow the strongest to make their way through the economy. The extent of the superiority went ahead to differentiate the men and women in the society. Women in the society were considered inferior and men superior according to the Darwinian explanation on the biological aspects of superiority.

During the colonial days in the United States of America, the war between the Africa people called the black people, and the white settlers enlarged due to racial discrimination. The black men in the society perhaps in U.S were considered to be inferior. Some were called baboons, the people who originated from the primates. The degree of hate was due to the color of the black people, the origin and perhaps due to the slavery they were subjected to before the independence. The reason for slavery was because the black men were not able to protect themselves and their families as they were raided by the whites (Black, & Hinchey, 2009). These brought a notion on the minds of the whites that the blacks do not have heads and could not reason and were nothing compared to the whites. The whites due to their civilization considered themselves superior to the other race as they were capable of doing some things that the other could not do by that time. History clearly tells that the blacks were mistreated and placed under harsh conditions due to the aspect of inferiority. This is one of the negativity of the issue of superiority and inferiority among the races.

At the family level the notion that a man is more superior that the woman was bright and eminent. A man in the current society, as well as the past, was meant to take care of the family through the provision of the foods and offer security services in the case an enemy shows up (Black, & Hinchey, 2009). Moreover, a man was the one who could decide the genetic transfer to the offspring through their superiority since the man is a more variable sex than the female. The notion placed people to be at the top of the family as the women were left to submit. The nature of superiority still exists to the present days. However, in the present society, the women have confused the community and have begun to do some works of men and therefore making some of them feel superior to the men around them. The antagonist between who is superior to the other in the family or perhaps the society levels still exists too with some women disregarding the earlier stand and seeks to reverse the situations through some cold wars. The conflict has led to the break- ups of many families since no one accepts to be under the other.

The United States of America struggle to become a super power nation globally indicates some levels of survival techniques (Black, & Hinchey, 2009). Since superiority is connected to the survival opportunity, many people, as well as the countries, will try to make themselves superior that the other nations or people. The world is full of challenges that will only allow the strong and the efficient people to survive through and meet their expectations. These pressures in life include the attacks from the terrorists, the external forces like the natural calamities and the epidemics like the outbreak of diseases. The ability to handle the above problems will depend on the kind of management the nation has toward the particular situations and therefore will give the country an upper hand towards gaining the title of becoming the superior nations. Consequently, the notion of becoming superior will create fear in the minds of the enemies and this will make the country safe from the outside human attacks. Perhaps, the race of survival is imperative to all people especially the countries to allow them to handle situations that affect life and the gain of power over the other individuals and nations at large.


The race and survival of the fittest are perhaps taking place in the current society as compared to the past. The notions have been derived from the world’s physiologies like Darwin and others who looked at the same aspects. However, as the survival tops the minds of many people in the society, they should try not to hinder others or make them inferior and thus gain the chance to mistreat them. Therefore, the race of life and survival of the fittest is so much real as many problems exist to make us stronger and hence superior ( Black, & Hinchey,2009).


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