The Applications Utilitarian Theory

The Utilitarian Theory

Perhaps, making the right decisions over some life issues is a problem to most people globally. The theory tends to give the answer to the technical and global factors affecting the peace of many people by giving an option to choose the way to go when such situations arise in life. The approach is mostly applied to assist an individual to understand the consequences of his or her actions. It can create a notion in the mind of the person in which an action will be described as whether good or bad depending on the amount or perhaps the degree of pleasure that it’s able to produce afterward. The approach allows us to understand that some actions whether bad or good depend on our previous feelings of performing the activities and may guarantee us happiness or sadness. Therefore, making the right ethical decisions in life will put a balance of good over harm and consideration to the environment. These factors should exist I order to protect the society from the harm and the decision of probably one individual and is possible to go round and round damaging or creating happiness.

Should I cheat on this exam?

The dilemma question has disturbed the minds of most of the students in the society. The crossroad menace comes, as a result, the fear of failure and the greatest expectations that the parents and the community may pose to the students. Consequently, unconducive learning environment in most schools globally with inadequate education systems has made learning a problem and thus a problem when the exam period arrives. The other reason is the culture at which the student was engaged in and grew in. Most of the students disturbed by the questions were involved in early cheating during the initial studies and they don’t recognize the aspect of honesty in their lives. Moreover, the lectures in most institutions also contribute to the problem. They have failed to give the students the proper knowledge and skills to enable them to enter the exam room with confidence. The unpreparedness factor is the reason the student will have a feeling of cheating on the exam. The lectures have also contributed to this by giving tough exam tests that do not match the level of the students.

The theory provides a perfect reason that will automatically help answer the students. According to the theory, the student should look at the long-term effects of the action and ask themselves the questions ‘’what will happen if am caught?’’ perhaps this will make the student apply some small reason before doing the cheating. Ideally, it is known worldwide that the administration in almost all the institutions does not permit cheating of exams. The most common punishment for the action when caught is exam disqualification and sometimes even suspension from school. The effects seem to carry more weight than the result of the work which is just a better performance to gain the next promotion.

The student should be able to ascertain and make the decision whether to be suspended in school or to repeat the whole semester will make him or her happy or sad. It is sorrowful to move backward and repeat the entire semester after that long study sessions and that all time. And then being suspended from school will then reduce your learning ability as you will be forced to stay out of school for some time and then return and redo the exam again, which I believe passing it will be tight as a result staying out of school. Some students do have very strict parents who may not understand the situation and may decide to disown by considering the action as stupid and lack of seriousness. Perhaps, I believe that the level of sadness is higher than the expected result and the student with the assistance of the theory should be able to make the right choice and put away the thought of cheating on the exam.

Moreover, some students cheat and unfortunately they escape being caught. This action then transfers the effect to the society and the social network harboring those kinds of students. The theory states clearly that we should consider the decision we make lest they cause havoc and consequence in the society or sometimes happiness. The exam cheating in school has made the community to employ people who lack the skills and cannot deliver to the nation according to the expectation. The city has hired some doctors who end up killing the patients in the hospitals due to the lack of skills hence a wrong medication on the patients. Consequently, the engineers who build the houses that are not stable and falls thereby killing the people and perhaps the pilots who lead a plane crash. The thought cheating has coasted lives and thus more negativity than the merits.


Exam cheating has created more harm than good to the student and the society as a whole. The utilitarian theory depicts that we should consider the effects and the consequences of our actions both in ourselves and the society. Therefore, the student should weight the effect on cheating and make corresponding and wise decisions towards right action that will enhance happiness and pleasure as opposed to sadness and displeasure. The actions of our decisions and perhaps the result will determine our happiness or sadness, and this is on our hands.