write a response paper on Jane Eyre based only on the book and the following three provided materials, under imperialism theory.

Short Response Paper Instructions

The goals:

  • to help you help yourself understand something about a given text; 
  • to practice writing clear, focused, analytical responses;
  • to think critically about a text and its context;
  • to give you writing practice.


  • you should have a thesis and textual support for your claims. However, that being said, they certainly may take an exploratory form. They cannot devolve into free writing. The Content At the graduate level should be focused and analytical. They should have a clear thesis and address an agenda—a purpose/argument—less than 1000 words.
  • If you try to give an overview of the text, your response will be failed. you should examine a “snapshot” of the text. For example: look at the use of a word, examine one conversation, consider the implications of one passage, argue the importance of one sentence, or consider the physical setting for a revelation. Be sure the papers are not plot summaries. The goal is for you to present an idea or reading about the piece of literature, not to “prove” that you read the story.
  • how to do it specifically
  • 1) Provide a close reading of a small passage of text.
  • 2) Use ideas from a class discussion to develop your ideas about a text (e.g. if we’ve talked about a certain set of ideas in conjunction with text A, can you use those ideas to understand text B as well?).
  • 3) Locate texts within a historical framework (e.g. what effect did a text have on the political or social framework).
  • 4) How does a concept from one of our secondary readings help you explore the text? Don’t Forget Topic sentences are key to guiding the reader through your agenda. What is the purpose of this paragraph? Once you establish that with a topic sentence, consider this pattern: Topic Sentence-detail-example-quote-explanation.
  • more guidance? Try: MLA Handbook, 8th Edition.
  • No Outside sources

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