Community Hospital, like many healthcare organizations, is experiencing a shortage of qualified coders. Over the past three years, the vacancy rate for coders has been 20–25%.

HINT496: Individual Course Project – Instructions & Acknowledgement 

For the Course Project, you will be completing five deliverables:

  1. Creation of a Project Charter Template
  2. Creation of Project Team
  3. Creation of GANTT Chart
  4. Completion of Project Charter

Project Scope and Instructions:

The transition to ICD-10 has had a substantial impact on the industry, and the HIM department for your health care organization, Davenport Community Hospital, has experienced a chronic shortage of qualified coders. To alleviate this problem the department is proposing the implementation of a home-based coding system.

The project is an individual course project where students will work independently to complete the course project deliverables. 

There are a few articles in the Journal of American Health Information Management Association that can be used as a reference for this exercise. 

These articles provide background information that can assist in preparing the exercise documents.  

Shearer, J. Remote coding at home: Tips for success. Journal of American Health Information Management Association 72(2):62–65.

Dougherty, M., and R.A. Scichilone. Practice brief: Establishing a telecommuting or home-based employee program. Journal of American Health Information Management Association 73(7):72A–L.


Community Hospital, like many healthcare organizations, is experiencing a shortage of qualified coders.  Over the past three years, the vacancy rate for coders has been 20–25%. With more than $2.7 million billed on a daily basis, this vacancy level has the potential to result in an increase in accounts receivables. Several past initiatives have attempted to resolve this issue without any success. These include outsourcing backlogged work, and paying out $50,000 in retention bonuses and more than $6,000 in recruitment bonuses. Based on published best practices in the HIM field, we believe that the establishment of a home-based coding system will solve our coder vacancy problem.


  1. Research and Create a Project Charter Template
  1. For this step you will be researching, creating and submitting a Project Charter template in week 2 that will be reviewed and approved for you to use to complete your final project charter on. There are many formats and types of project charters available for use. You can research different format types via the WWW, or you can create your own template for use. Be sure to use the criteria from deliverable #4 as a basis to create your own template, or to revise a template that you located elsewhere so that the template is indicative of the required elements as listed below. 
    1. This assignment is the first step for the Course Project. For this assignment you will research, create and submit a Project Charter template that will be reviewed and approved for you to use to complete your final project charter.
  • Create a Project Team Roster
  1. This assignment is the second step for the Course Project. For this assignment, you will be creating the Project Team. Click to make a copy of the Project Team Google Document. Use this document to record each member of your team, organizational Title, the reason for their inclusion in the project team, and the role on the team.

    1. For this step you will create a project team that will include all selected members of the team you have created. Take time to think of what members you will want on your project team, and from what departments. In either WORD or Excel you will create a Team Roster that will include team member name and title, department, and role. For the role, you will discuss the members role on the team and their contributions to the project. Example:

John Doe, Manager Health Information

Project Team Leader

John will oversee all leadership of the project including the coordination of meetings, dissemination of project documents and information, and management of project charter.


Project Team

* All project team members are listed on this roster, including the department they represent, their role on the team, and any specific team responsibilities that they have. An example has been provided for you, please remove example before completing your roster.

NameTitle/DepartmentTeam RoleResponsibilities
Example, JoeHIMProject ManagerOversee all functions of project deployment and activities of general committee and subcommittees. Reports to hospital administration and leadership regarding project progress. 
  • Create a Gantt chart
  1. For this step you will create a GANTT chart that will include the timelines for all of your project tasks/deliverables. You can create your GANTT chart in Excel or use GANTT chart software available on the internet.
    1. This assignment is the third step for the Course Project. For this assignment, you will complete the GANNT chart that will accompany your Course Project Charter. The GANTT Chart is a visual representation of horizontal lines/bars that indicate the start and completion time periods for each activity from the activity list of the project charter. Remember, you can, and likely will, have activities that overlap each other. This is OK! You can complete the GANTT chart in Microsoft Excel, or you are free to use any templates you can find that suit your needs.Use the WWW to research information on creating a GANTT chart if you need assistance. There are many valuable sites and free templates/software to help you. YouTube also have many videos to review. Here are few resources to help you get started:

  4. Prepare a project charter document that includes:   

  1. This assignment is the final step for the Course Project. You will be submitting the Final Draft of your Charter, as well as any supporting documentation that you want to include.

    1. The project objectives, deliverables, high-level project activities, assumptions and constraints, an estimated project schedule, and estimated project costs.
  • A roles and responsibilities document that includes the project organizational structure. 
  • A project task list. For each task, indicate the task predecessor(s), the resources assigned to work on the task, and the estimated work effort for each resource. This should be all inclusive of the tasks/deliverables you will need to complete for the project. This information will also help you formulate your GANTT Chart.
  • Ethical considerations. Include a list of ethical considerations that could impact the project. Identify mitigating factors to the ethical considerations that could prevent, or offer solutions to ethical issues that could arise in the project. Include this in the format of a table within the charter.
  • The project risks. For each risk, indicate the probability factor, the impact factor, and the contingency plan. Be sure to include both legal and ethical risks to the project.

Note:  Risks should be limited to those situations that would occur during the implementation, not to situations that would occur post-implementation. The purpose of identifying risks is to add the appropriate contingency to the project work plan. For example, discovering that a metric did not improve would affect the perception of project success but does not affect the project work plan from the standpoint of cost, work effort, or schedule.

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