Topic: How is Death and the Kings Horseman a multi-media play??

Topic: How is Death and the King’s Horseman a multi-media play??

Length: For each answer is a minimum of 600 words and a maximum of 750

                     (excluding quotations). In addition, please format your answers using double spacing

                     with a 2.5 cm margin on all sides.

Sources: You must mainly use primary source that i gave. Although You are welcome to include.  additional research on your topic, I expect it to be properly acknowledged and cited in your paper and additional sources are not a   requirement.

                i.   Demonstrating your knowledge of a specific literary work (events, characters, etc.).

                ii.  Showing your understanding of some key themes and ideas that shape the text.

                iii. Demonstrating your ability to analyze and compare our texts within the context of our                course’s themes: English language, identity, history, colonialism, and so on.

                iv. Keeping your handwriting and organization of your writing at a reasonable level of clarity.         You will not be graded on grammar – but please be sure that I can read your ideas clearly.


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