10 Timesavers and School Tools for Teachers

The following websites provide a wide array of educational resources for educators. These back-to- school-tools for teachers will come in handy all year long.

Going back to school can be an exciting time of the year. But getting a classroom in tip-top shape for the new school year can be time-consuming and stressful for educators. The Internet provides a plethora of interactive activities and educational projects designed specifically for teachers.

As more and more educators rely on the valuable resources that are readily available online, these timesavers are a must-have for the entire school year. From bulletin board ideas, printable activities and fully customizable projects for students, to educational resources and lesson and curriculum planning, information is just a mouse-click away. Managing a classroom has never been easier with the websites listed below.

Miscellaneous Resources for Teachers

  • BrainPop Educators – This award-winning website, developed by pediatrician Dr. Avraham Kadar, offers curriculum-based material for teachers. Lesson plans, video tutorials and developmental tools aligned to state standards are all included on the site. Classroom tools include interactive whiteboard resources, graphic organizers, activity pages and a fun just-for-fun section. Some resources on the site are subscription-based while others are free.
  • Teach2000 – Teach2000 is almost like having a private tutor for classroom one-on-ones for free. The site creates flashcards in a variety of languages at no cost. This handy program allows users to import and export lists, which can be printed as flashcards, tests or crib notes. An online version is available at Vocatrain, while the full version and portable version are available as downloads.
  • KidInfo PowerPoint – This website is designed for students, teachers and parents. The PowerPoint section includes a collection of educational presentations from a variety of online sources. Available topics include foreign language, art, mathematics, science and social studies. The material can be downloaded and saved to the computer hard drive. In order to view the material, PowerPoint viewer is required.

Lesson Plans, Practice Sheets and Generators

  • TheTeacher’sCorner – This website is a must-have for teachers. Jam-packed with printable worksheets, the site also offers bulletin board patterns, free pen pal service, thematic units, seasonal activities, puzzle generators as well as teaching jobs.
  • Educator’s Reference Desk – Over 2,000 unique lesson plans created by teachers and more than 3,000 links to educational resources, discussion groups and organizations are included on the Educator’s Reference Desk site. Over 200 answers to common questions have been answered in the question archive section. The interface is clean and simple-to-use.
  • AbcTeach – Launched in 2000 by school teacher Sandy Kemsley, AbcTeach began as a free educational site for educators. Today, the site offers a free section as well as a subscription area. With more than 5,000 free documents and worksheet generators, millions of people visit the free area each month. Content is geared toward students in preschool through 8th grade.
  • EducationWorld – Launched in 1996, this award-winning website is invaluable for educators. Content includes lesson plans, professional development, teacher profiles, technology integration, lesson of the day and practice sheets. Touted as “the educator’s best friend,” this site is a must-have for teachers and administrators.
  • TeachingHeart – Developed by Colleen Gallagher, TeachingHeart is devoted to new educators for elementary-aged students. This helpful resource provides calendar templates, coloring pages, printables, name plates and hall passes as well as lesson plans, learning centers, pocket charts and conference ideas.

Mathematics Resources for Teachers

  • SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator – This website, for parents and teachers, offers customizable math worksheets and answer sheets, for free. Besides subtraction, addition, multiplication and division, fractions, percentages, greater than/less than, exponents and averages are also available.
  • MathWorkSheetSite – Years ago, Scott Bryce was helping his daughter learn math. From those few simple addition worksheets, the MathWorkSheetSite was created. Today, the site creates all sorts of printable math worksheets. Besides addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, measurements, fractions, time telling, graphing and one hundred charts are also available. While a portion of the site provides materials free of charge, a subscription area is also available. The site offers fully customizable sheets available in PDF format or as printable webpages.

The websites listed above are invaluable timesavers and helpful tools for teachers.

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