You Are Required To Develop A Detailed Report That Proposes The Implementation Of A Creative And Innovative Process Within A Chosen Organisation And Reflect Upon The Impact Of This Strategy Upon The Organisations’ Potential Success.

Tesla Inc: The Implementation Of A Creative And Innovative Process Within A Chosen Organisation

Executive Summary

          Tesla Inc. is a company that is focused on promoting innovative advances toward electric vehicles and energy storage systems.  Tesla Inc.’s organizational culture generates a human supply capability which is needed for any innovative products in the global automotive business. The firms organizational and its corporate culture are a representation of the customs and the values that are used to define the behavior and decisions made by the workers. The organization culture at Tesla adopts an Innovative Problem-Solving model.

          In this paper, the organization was analyzed, and its organizational culture described. The climate, culture and the processes of innovation and the models were examined in depth in order to understand the functioning of the company towards innovation. An innovation concept was created with a proposal being made on the theme for the 2022 Olympic Games in Dubai. The innovation capabilities of the organization towards the proposed them was also examined. Later, we developed a strategy and a vision that the company would use in their quest to realize the proposed theme.


            Tesla Inc. is a company that was formally known as Tesla Motors Inc., and it was incorporated on the 12th of July 2003. It designs, develops, manufacturers and then sells entirely electric vehicles and energy storage systems. It fits, drives and preserves solar and energy storage devices. The company functions between two sections of the generation of energy and the storage and the automotive section. The automotive segment consists the design, expansion, manufacture, and sales of electric vehicles. The segment of energy generation and storage is comprised of the design, manufacture, installation, and the transaction or tenancy of stationary energy storage objects and solar system to both commercial and residential customers. It is also concerned with the generation of energy through its solar energy system to its consumers. The company develops the energy storage products which can be used at homes commercial sites and even in utility sites. These batteries can be applied in the product of holdup power, grid independence, highest request decrease, request replies, and even in the reduction of intermittency of the renewable generation and wholesale electric market services. The company has an outstanding collection of its energy provision (Stringham et al., 2015).

         According to Hardman et al., (2015), the components of solar energy schemes of the company are comprised of the solar panels that are used in converting the sunlight into electrical current, inverters that aid in the conversion of electrical production from panels to a practical well-matched energy with the electric grid, racking that ascribes the solar panels to the roof or the ground, they also have electrical hardware which is used to connect the solar energy system to the electric grid and the monitoring device. It designs and manufacturers other system components. Tesla Inc. also offers loans and leases for its vehicles all over North America, Europe, and Asia mainly via different institutions of finance. It also gives options of financing directly through its local departments in particular places of the United States, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

          Tesla Inc.’s organizational culture creates a human resource ability which is needed for any innovative products in the global automotive business. The firms organizational and its corporate culture are a representation of the customs and the values that are used to define the behavior and decisions made by the workers. The organizational culture at Tesla empowers its workers towards searching for the real solutions that, brand the business to stance out in the automotive industry and the energy generation and storage sector. The company inspires the workers to be innovative so that they can make the backbone of the business improvement. For instance, Tesla holds that the capabilities of human resource are very crucial in its continuous development in the worldwide marketplace for electric automobiles, batteries, solar panels, and other products that are related. Through this route, the company’s social characters purpose as a channel for the addition of tactical efficiency in the enhancement of the business. Through its organizational culture, the management of Tesla Inc. encourages its employees towards achieving a inventive and pioneering behavior that helps the company. These behaviors are important in the maintenance of the technological innovations that are part of the foundation of the company (Chen & Perez, 2018).

          The organization culture of Tesla creates opportunities for the innovations that plays a major part in the business competitiveness especially in the energy generation field. The feature of such an organization culture gives the employees an encouragement towards the generation of new ideas and solutions. These kind of behaviors are the main things that propel the company towards its market competitiveness in facing other market competitors such as General Motors Company, Toyota Motor Corporation and many more.

The Innovation Concept

       Hess & Andiola (2017), say that the model of the organizational culture at Tesla is Innovative Problem-Solving. This model is aimed at motivating the workers to advance lucrative explanations towards the present and the developing difficulties in their targeted market. The world is going to hold Olympics in the year 2022 in Dubai, and this is a great opportunity for a company like Tesla Inc. to sell and market its products which promoting its sustainability idea. The theme for this Olympic event is the Promotion of Sustainable Environment through Technology and Innovation. The company uses its organizational culture model during the development of electric vehicles so as to offer a solution to the environmental issues that surround the automobile industry especially through the production of combustion engines. The ability of the company to continually keep producing such advanced electric vehicles is a reflection of the profits of its corporate culture. We can identify six main feature of Tesla Inc.’s organizational culture.

  • Move fast
  • Do the impossible
  • Constantly innovate
  • Reason from “first principles”
  • Think like owners
  • We are all in.

           Move Fast is aimed at speeding up the company’s competitive advantage. This feature of the culture of the organization points out the significance of the capability of the employee to respond quickly to the changes aim market trends internationally. For instance, the human resource management of the company has the ability to come up with cutting-edge products that conform or are even ways above from those competing in the market. Through this style, the company is able to facilitate its pliability through fast answers to prevailing matters and the tests that they face in the global market.

       Do the Impossible is a slogan in the organizational culture that ensures that the workforce is able to reason[T.K1]  outer the obvious. This feature acknowledges the reputation of having new thoughts and answers but also stresses the need to consider eccentric ways. For instance, the human resource at the company trains their employees’ way above the conventional limits of productivity and creativity in the design of automotive, hence developing novel answers to the energy and transportation sector. This situation creates new chances for Tesla Inc. to improve tactically in its presentation. The situation of their culture also renders the company a powerful body in the promotion of fundamental philosophies in the global automobile and energy solutions market (Aguinis & Bradley, 2015).

         Constantly Innovate promotes invention which is at the nature of the company. This feature pays great focus on recurrent invention at the company. The corporation investigates and advances answers so that they can improve the existing energy storage product designs. Constant innovation is a tool used by the company in the development of pioneering electrical cars and product associated to that. Incessant invention helps the company to maintain its market competitive advantage which is necessary for addressing the persuasive force of market competition. This need is talked over a corporate culture that plunders continuous invention.

          Reason from the “First Principles” is a reasoning that is supported by the company CEO. The first principles revolve around the identification of the main factors so that they can understand and get solutions to problems in the real world.  The energy storage products from the company are some of the resolutions to the tests when using renewable energy, and tasks in the improvement of the efficiency of operation of energy. Through the corporate culture of the company, employees use the first principles in carrying out their tasks. The human resource management at Tesla is involved in the preparation programs that position the employees towards this feature of its organizational culture.

         Think Like Owners is a tool that is used by the organizational culture at Tesla to uphold a mentality that wires the expansion of a business. The company stimulates its labors towards thinking like they are the owners of the company. The owner mindset supports Tesla’s corporate vision and mission declarations through the encouragement of its employees to take accountability and culpability in their jobs and towards the general recital of the international business. The mindset of tenure is a strong interactive tool that aids in the growth and strengthens the integrity of the business in many industries (Ceccagnoli & Rothaermel, 2016).

      We are ALL IN is a tool that aims at unifying all the workers into one team that works towards the improvement of the business. This organizational cultural feature helps in reducing any conflict that might arise in the course of teamwork.  These kinds of team works develop synergies in the human resources of the company. Due to this, the culture of the corporate increases the welfares from the aptitudes and the skills of the employees. Synergistic teamwork donates towards the effectiveness of the company in the international automotive market. This cultural tactic which is a unifying factor also facilitates the corporate management and implementation of strategies all over the organization (Cearley & Claunch, 2016).

Strategy and Vision

           The above-mentioned proposal is a clear indication that Tesla Inc. focuses on encouraging innovation which will result in useful products during the 2022 world cup in Dubai. The progress of the company and growth towards the realization of this proposal is founded on the technological innovations of the company. The organization culture of Tesla Inc. has remained as the major driver towards such innovations from time immemorial during the establishment of the industry. However, it is predicted that the company will change progressively before the Olympics in 2022 so that it will be able to provide accommodations for the new requirements that arise as the business enlarges and the markets expand in the products needed.

          Development of high-technology products will attract many customers. Production of automobiles, together with the powerful branding of the company its increasing share in the market are some of the strategies that will be needed for the proposal made above. Fast reply and delinquent resolving by the corporate will be beneficial in the sustenance for the company. This strategy will keep the company well-informed with new innovative technologies while its yields are made operative and relevant to the requirements and favorites of the consumers (Rothaermel, 2015).

          The vision of the company to be the market leader in term of the innovations and its organizational pressure on the employees is disadvantageous and may stale the performance. The company asks the employees to keep innovating constantly. This is a good strategy that benefits the company but also strains the company especially the human resources. Nonetheless, if it is implemented properly, this strategy will ensure long-term business competitiveness. It will also ensure that the company realizes its concept of innovation towards the 2022 Olympics. The corporate culture at Tesla also enforces bounds on the receptiveness of the employees; therefore it counteracts some of the special effects of the commercial nation in the facilitation of speedy verdicts and activities which are supposed to be key in addressing the concerns in the automotive and energy generation business towards the 2022 Olympics in Dubai.

            In order for the company to increase the number of vehicle sales and energy generation that will be used in the 2022 Olympics in their vision to promote sustainable energy usage to avert environmental problems, innovation expertise and a high-level branding strategy so that they can attain recognition in the international market will be necessary. The company also face certain problems that cast doubt over their long-term growth prospects in energy production and the electric automaker. The company should remove the overly expensive price tags of their vehicles that scare most of the users. Since the mission of the company is to accelerate the transition of the world towards sustainable energy, the company also needs to develop a business strategy where they can integrate their focus on electric cars and ownership of distribution of products. Also, the cost of ownership for any Tesla electric automobile should be reduced in their bid to solidify their base as in the competitive market (Bouwer, 2019). Owing to the innovative organization culture at Tesla Inc., adherence to the first principles method of making decisions and the lack of bureaucracy all over the company, it is pretty clear that the company is set out to achieve better results in the cause of its action.


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Appendices 1

The estimated number of people who will attend the Olympics in Dubai is around 18million. It is expected the 5million out of these will be investors who will be coming to look for opportunities. Environmentalists from every part of the world will also be present. Tesla is expected to showcase more than five new models of electric vehicles.

Appendices 2

In the innovation concept, the company will mostly depend on its organizational culture that is well structured to promote innovation. It will employ this model in the realization of the said theme.

Appendices 3

The company will employ different strategies that will support their vision of being the spearheading the sustainability of the environment to realize a better environment during the Olympic in Dubai in 2022.