Write An Informal Presentation (500-700 Words/2 Pages) To Educate Nurses About How The Practice Of Nursing Is Expected To Grow And Change.

How The Practice Of Nursing Is Expected To Grow And Change

Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Model

            Nurses take part in a significant responsibility during conveyance of excellence care along with enhancement of patient result because they are the most important attendants of patients. Seeing that, nurses’ responsibility as healthcare specialist is likely to develop and expand more, in particular by way of the level of patients’ outlook which is greater than before as well as transformation within technological progress as well as care conveyance. These transformations are mainly with a view of the continuum of care in addition to diverse healthcare unions incorporating Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), medical homes, and nurse-managed health clinics.

            Continuum of Care is an impression connecting coordination which directs as well as keeps a record of patients ultimately during a complete range of health services across all stages and the strength of care. It wraps up the liberation of healthcare during a specified duration and possibly will submit to the management offered as of delivery of a baby through dismissal. During the continuity of care, the definitive objective is to give commercial as well as high excellence services in favor of each and every patient, and in particular patients with chronic and various multifaceted conditions. During service delivery at the community level, the responsibility of nurses incorporates planning for home visits to patients’ homes in order to provide the most necessary services as well as to carry out the essential assessments. On the other hand, telemedicine has made easy these actions more competently, whereby in days to come, nurses will prepare involvements as well as harmonize services meant for people living within the rural areas more competently.

            Fisher, E. S. (2009) asserted that those Patients agonizing from those conditions that are chronic are able to gain from the programs related to the close monitoring of the disease that is based on the excellence proposals put into practice by nurses. The proposals are intended to make sure that the desires of a certain set of people are met for that reason. The Nurses that have focused in the management of specific conditions are likely to harmonize an extensive range of services in order to rectify cost-effective, way of acting, as well as environmental obstructions to concern intended for the reason of endorsing a healthy livelihood. Also, it will aid patients to deal with their chronic conditions on their own.

            Secondly, the nurses will gain as of the latest details concerning the health systems, that purpose to ease the delivery of money-making plus high-class care. They will know how to way in data as well as the information concerning patients throughout in turn to formulate the essential transformations and establish the improvement of the individual patient beyond geographic limits. In the end, those nurses will contain an optimistic influence on the arrangement as well as the processing of the systems.

            It is significant to take note that patients are very susceptible to change spots particularly as soon as they get moved over the stages of care. Through the amendments in healthcare, administrators within the clinical areas can harmonize these changes successfully, inclusive of end-of-life, as well as planning for a discharge of the particular patient.

            According to Ruskin, J. W. (2010), Accountable care organization (ACO) is a medical management association binds up expenditures or rather expenses to excellent measures as well as the value of medical care.  In the United States, Accountable Care Organizations are established commencing an assembling of harmonized medical professionals. In connection to Changes in Healthcare Organizations which is the final objective of Accountable Care Organizations, medical homes, as well as those clinics that are managed by the nurses is to advance the excellence of healthcare offered at the same time reducing the evolution of care expenses. In later days, nurses are anticipated to stress on the most important care given, that which would engage in becoming aware of tribulations early enough as well as avoiding the growth of additional barriers. The offering of high excellence care harmonization would as well make sure suitable in addition to an opportune right of entry to the essential care for the various patients. This could perhaps involve nurses to coordinate their job for that reason; to make sure that patients comprise the right of entry to the essential services as well as those extravagant expenses which are bargained (McClellan, M. B., et al, (2009).

            Formerly, patients were required to pay extra expenses used for a number of investigations and procedures that could not have taken place essentially consecutively to make sure that they established the most excellent care. On the other hand, if nurses harmonized in accordance to further healthcare experts, it would at least be straightforward to notice the tribulations untimely enough as well as make sure that the exact route of management is put into practice. This would facilitate in the decrease of patient stay as well as the expenditure of healthcare. Eventually, the responsibility of nurses is likely to transform at some point. Their position within the coordination will be extra lively, plus it will straightforwardly influence the expenses as well as the value of healthcare. Nevertheless, through technological improvement, it is expected that the implementation of these everyday jobs will be further ordered for them.


            After conducting research among three nurses who participated actively through the talk, it is evident that each has her own opinion concerning the medical management reforms as well as revolutionizing of responsibilities in nursing. On the other hand, a good number of has a related opinion regarding that presentation as well as holding up the latest reform in the health care system. The nurses as well appreciated the latest medical management delivery representations in addition to nursing responsibilities within the care representations.

            Nurse A, recently working in the United States, narrated on her experience during her previous place of work in a specific country. She articulated that, that experience was completely different from the present, whereby their nurses are seen as the first front caregivers at the same time are not permitted to capture whichever verdict but instead they specifically go as per the doctor’s instructions. The nurse’s responsibility within the system of medical management varies considering the place and instance. The appearance of the significance of community-based health services is offering the chances to the nurses especially in urbanized countries such as the USA where the latest medical management reform is being pursued by various rising countries too. The nurse is extremely pleased and determined as a result of the new medical management reforms as well as healthcare representations.

            Nurse B was as well incredibly wounded up regarding the healthcare modification as it considers on the likelihood of nurses for the alteration of the US medical management system. The nurse paid attention to the significance of the recent health reform as there is a rise in chronic conditions as well as rates and besides, attracting precautionary management rather than therapeutic management. The recent healthcare liberation replicas such as the medical homes which will improve the precautionary management services guiding the monitoring of the condition that is chronic within the community locale. This will assist in minimizing the challenge of increasing the rate of medical services.  In addition, it can ensure proper awareness of disease avoidance as well as health endorsement.

            Nurse C had an opinion that differed from the first two nurses with regards to the health care reforms and replicas. She articulated her concern on the high quality of the services offered at the health care facilities in cases where there will be large numbers of patients appearing in the long queues waiting to be attended to. She gave details on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which would satisfy many people prompting the multitude which will certainly have an effect on the health facilities as well as medical systems to pay attention to the inrush of inpatients. She further said that the rise of the inpatients may entail towards the rise in health professionals.

            In conclusion, we can say that nurses play the most significant responsibility within the clinical care and management hence leading to the advancement of nursing as a practice due to the implementing of the newly introduced health reforms, Lewis, J.L. (2010). The reforms and replicas have changed the whole medical management system, especially in the United States starting from severe management settings through the community which has aided numerous disadvantaged people. Nevertheless, awareness and details of the medical reforms are supposed to be accessible to everyone.


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