Language subordination

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Language subordination

It is true that myths have affected the social setting in most society in some ways especially in the language setting. The myth confirms and explains the present ages which are true, and it influences the culture and attitudes of the people in the society (Lippi-Green). The language we speak came from our parents represents the origin where we came from, and therefore we should not in any way run away from it. This confirms that is very hard for someone to run or escape the maternal language due to what people say about your knowledge and skills of the language. It is true that the language will find its way to us no matter how far we may think we are running. Therefore, we should be proud to speak our language despite the upcoming myths and other contradictions from people around us in the society.

However, despite the strong belief of our language we are supposed to have one national language to enhance unity especially in the educational institutions within our nation. The ideology from some researcher indicates clearly that it is important to have one common language and this will help to reduce the discrimination that is happening among the people due to the language as a source of identity. The language is a determinant, and representation for any culture and community since a person’s language and ascent will show the others the tribe where he or she is coming from. Therefore it will be important to speak one language to end any traces of discrimination. Language subordination is imperative for the development of any society (Lippi-Green).

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