The Video of John Bowldy and the attachment Theory

The Video of John Bowldy and the attachment Theory





The video was so lovely and evaluated more about the attachment theory and the psychology of child. When I was a child, every time  I get upset I would remain silent and perhaps keep things for myself and more to this I would reduce my actions for example I would not play and walk around as other days when am happy (Bowlby & King, 2004). When I was separated from my parents, off- course I felt challenged but I was able to manage my emotions and could understand every situations and incidence that would take place in my life and my mother responded by telling me that am very much different from my siblings since I was very observant to and I would respond to all the negative things that could come on my way especially the negative events. My relationship with my daughter reminds me of my childhood temperaments and perhaps my relationship with my mother and I would feel the ties stronger and stronger, thanks to my mother.

John Bowldy compares the two realities that must happen to a person’s life and what actually is the feeling when a child loses his or her loved ones. The video states that the realities are different just like an apple and orange. Most of the children would feel bad and helpless as compared to the adult. The emotion is capable to consume the young minds as compared to an adult mind. The attachment theory was very awesome and this reminded me of my childhood life and perhaps behavior and therefore based on this I would like to say that the theory is not for everything but rather the development of personality (Bowlby & King, 2004).


Bowlby, R., & King, P. (2004). Fifty years of attachment theory. Karnac Books.