he Impact of communication Technology to organizations

The Impact of communication Technology to organizations





Impact of communication technologies

The communication technique based on word of mouth has been used by different firms and organization. Arndt is one of the earliest researchers to find out about the impact of word of mouth on the behavior of a consumer or perhaps the clients. According to Arndt word of mouth (WOM) is a one on one communication that is happening between two people that are the receiver and the perceiver where to some extent the one is considered as a non-commercial brand. The recent studies have shown that the word of mouth communication is the best and most effective than the other forms of advertising because it has the power to influence the behavior of the clients who are the primary target of most organizations (Per Ab Hamid & cheng, 2013).

However, in the past decades, I have seen an improvement or rather a development internet based communication which has been impoverished in most businesses and changes the ways and the trends in the communication strategy (Per Ab Hamid & cheng, 2013). The social network systems have improved the marketing systems through the new opportunities that they can get and also the new connections that allow them to share information for acquisition of the right knowledge. The response of the social media in the marketing department has been positive, and most of the clients have shown interest in the process and have engaged so well with the marketing team and hence an improved idea since most of the firms tend to gain control over the customers and then move forward to get their loyalty.

Nevertheless, according to (Per Ab Hamid & cheng, 2013) concentrating on the development of the website alone does not, therefore, guarantee a proper or effective branding image of the firm. Therefore, to generate a global picture, the company should concentrate on the financing on the utilization of the various social network tools like the goggle+, Facebook, Twitter and others tools. The consumers use the social media platform to create and share the information of the company and the product and services they can offer to the society to meet the client’s expectations. They are also able to build an online communication network platform which is perhaps out of the marketer’s control, and the consumers put a lot of trust on the information more than the one given from the business directly due to the important notions of the social media.

Therefore, peer opinion has a lot of influence on the behavior of consumers while the electronic word of mouth has a significant impact in controlling and affecting the consumer purchasing behavior on the social media departments globally. Moreover, peer communication based on the social media backing has an effect on influencing the product attitudes which then affects the purchasing intentions of the clients who gains interest getting the product. Consequently, the recent study has shown a development of a new model known as the information acceptance model (IACM), which assisted in the identification and explanation of the determinants of electronic word of mouth that has been used to influence the buying intention of the clients. Therefore, social media is becoming a primary communication tools for most people especially the businesses who invest so much on the online communication to reach as many clients as possible and also to market their business or firms (Per Ab Hamid & cheng, 2013).


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