Employment relations and professional practice

Employment relations and professional practice





Question 1

Knowledge or rather information is one of the important factors that every person should have and live with. The human resource manager should engage so much in the inquiry of information to acquire the relevant information to allow them to carry out their tasks and duties within the organization. The human resource department is the one responsible for recruiting the staffs or the employees in any organization. Due to this, the organization depends on them largely in getting the right people for the team with the good skills and has the right behavior. Therefore, it is imperative for the managers to get some training on the ways of selecting the right people for a particular job for example; what to look at and perhaps where to find them. Most of the organization have lost track many times due to lack of knowledge and reliability of their information which has made them do the wrong thing but with good expectation. Reliability of the information is vital to the HR departments who want to get the right people (Noe & Wright, 2006).

On the handbreadth of information is also important to the organization. This involves the organizations going from one point to another or from one place to another to find the information that you need perhaps, in this case, the knowledge concerning the recruitment of employees. It involves organization looking for some information from one company to another that is related or doing some benchmarking to find out what the other people are doing and then applying them to your organizations. It is also important when trying to source reliable information that can help the organization to achieve its objective (Rowe & Anderson, 2007).

 Additionally, when given a fixed price to consider whether to choose to go for the breadth information or reliability of information (Rowe & Anderson, 2007). Based on the information above we can say that all of them of them are important and one leads to the other. However, since the budget, if fixed and we have to go through with one way of finding the information. When we look at the reliability of information which means after getting the information, we must learn to rely on the information that we have got and use them for the better process. Most of the information is on the internet, but most of the time they are not reliable. The human resource department has to find a way of getting the right information from the public concerning the recruitment process for the employees.

 When we look at some of the organizations that have faced some challenges in the management, we realize that the problem begun in the recruitment process where the company was taking people who have no ethic and good conducts in about the work process. For this reasons, the organization has decided to give out some money to the human resource managers to conduct a comprehensive recruitment process that will assist the company in the long run. Due to the importance of the information from different sources, especially from the companies that have the best recruitment officials to conduct the process, I think the company should invest in training the officials for the HR to have a skilled team that can perform the process at the department level. This medium will entail hiring different professionals from various organizations to train the officials. This can take place for several weeks to allow the information to be at home and the officials have the right skills. Therefore, the organization’s ones have prioritized on the breadth of information and since the information is now at home, then the now they can rely on the information for a better team of HR (Rowe & Anderson, 2007).

Question 2

We have various information that we can get from the social network systems like the Google search, Facebook, and perhaps the YouTube (Caers & Castelyns, 2011). The information from this sights may have the right information or not because it sources anything across the globe that might not be reliable. The management should not rely on these sights for information or try to use any sources that are low costs. It is true that each organization will look at some ways to lower the spending rate but I want to say that the process will seem to be cheap at the start but in the long run, it will cost the company a lot sometimes the fall of the enterprise. I would like the business to understand the type of information that is on the internet.

Reviewing candidates through the social media may be a challenge to the organization since the candidate may put documents which are on his or hers (Caers & Castelyns, 2011). The candidate may post faulty documents that meet the requirements of the organizational posts. The candidates will be shortlisted, and this may be noticed on the interview where the original documents will be needed, and the candidate may fail to produce. These will make the organization to labor in vain and therefore loss of some good times. Some of the candidates may lie that they lost their documents due to some challenges which will make the organization to sympathize with them and employ them. Due to these, the organization may decide to employ a person who does not even have the qualifications. The results of these make the company be at the point of declining if the process continues for some time.

Additionally, the internet may have the information, however; the information may be complicated to explain to the officials to make things easy for them. The complexity will then require some person who understands it better and applies the information (Caers & Castelyns, 2011). The information from the internet are structured in a manner that you will need some kind understanding to put them into practice and since the writers wrote them in different styles and for different purposes hence linking it to the company’s information may be difficult. Therefore, the management should view the process as complex and hence not good for the organization.

Moreover, sources from the social network like Facebook do not have the information that is related to what the organization may be in need of and assist the human resource department. The company may fail to get the right people they want due to some misinformation and competition from other businesses. This will leak some information to the opponents who may take advantage of the information and send some persons to the company to get some information from the firm to the other competitors. So the company should take time when using the social network and enhance a good security for the safety of the organization. The social network is full of kind of people from all sorts of life, and this can lead to the fall of the company. I would like the management of the organizations to take care and if possible use other ways to review candidates if there is and not the internet. However, if the review must be carried out on the social network, then the company should make sure that they have the right security systems and the proper analysis program to complete the process of recruitment (Caers & Castelyns, 2011).


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