Effects Of Sustainability on The Design Process

Effects Of Sustainability on The Design Process

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Sustainability is significant interest for many organizations which assist in guiding and influencing all the works that we do. Therefore a good design requires a better sustainability to enhance an environmental balance. Most of the engineering works involve a lot of design, and to create a shift in the kind of design we do, the designers have tried to invoke consciousness around sustainability at every step of the design process. Therefore, sustainability is critical in the design process. For example the, deep-water outfalls were designed to make sure that the sewage field would remain submerged below the surface of the ocean for most of the times so ensure that no eye will see it even from the air (Hallstedt & Lindahl, 2013).

The advantage that the sustainable development has brought to the engineering design is that a new approach was enhanced that brings the designer closer to the context of the use of the final product. This medium is mostly the safety factors or the environmental protection factors to protect the surrounding and enhance eligibility of the designers (Hallstedt & Lindahl, 2013). These changes involve the need for a new engineering philosophy and ethics as well as changes to the engineering education which will ensure that all the science begins to encompass the science of ecology which supports sustainability.


Sustainability should be enhanced in every design plants or firm. These have enabled the current designs methods to prioritize the economic consideration over the environmental ones in the society. For example, the minimization of materials used in the structures means that the resources are kept safely. However, it conflicts with the environmental interest which will, therefore, demand that the product is made as durable as possible due to the need to minimize resource usage and the waste generation in the long run (Hallstedt & Lindahl, 2013).

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