Advertising process

Advertising process





1. Understand Persuasion matrix, what’s in it? What’s not in it?

It is the in-put communication variable and out-put mediational steps that are able to make the process of persuasion easy and effective. The process is simple and has multiple paths however it does not have sequential order and a person can jump from number one to number seven of the process.

2. Understand what’s important when choosing the right spokesperson

Is a person who has the qualities to persuade easily and effectively and has the ability to arrange him or herself in order.

3. How do we make something look trustworthy?

By making sure that it meets the requirements of the clients and it does not have any unnecessary errors.

4. Why do we set specific advertising goals and objectives?

To make sure there is order and the marketers understand and works in the direction of the objectives. It will serve as the driver to the employees and motivational factors.

5. Why we do a situation analysis?

To ensure that the programs are relevant, and also to help find out the best course of action of a situation.

6. Understand the difference between objective strategy and tactics

Objective strategy answers the question why we are doing something towards achieving the objectives while tactics implies to the things you will do in order to achieve the goals or the set objective of the company.

7. How do creative people think? Approach a problem?

Creative people have a thought that everything is achievable and has a way out in solving every problem. They believe that problems are just objectives that have not been planned for yet and when that happens, all will be possible.

8. What does account planning do?

He or she brings the consumer to a point of developing the right advertising and has the role of identifying and finding out more about the target market.

9. Understand the different advertising appeals

The most common advertising appeal is the use of fear, humor; bandwagon propaganda that seams appealing to the consumers, such as humor makes the consumer to lough.

10. Why do we use direct marketing? Why has it increased?

Direct marketing allows the marketer to get a direct response from the target group in the market. It is used mostly because its essence and success in penetrating the market that might be very difficult for the indirect marketers.

11. Understand public relations

Refers to a good relationship that happened between the company and the public through a favorable relationship created by the company and mostly ensuring that the clients get what they want.

12. Understand sides, client side and agency side. What are their roles?

They exist to assist the organization in finding and to distinguish a suitable candidate for both clients and agency side work opportunities.

13. What are creative?

These are people who are internally motivated to perform some tasks without looking at the external influences that might drive them outside what is expected of them.

14. Who do we talk to when we do corporate advertising?

We talk to the media department especially the journalists to find out whether they can give us some airtime or whether there is still some chance.

15. Why do we do self-regulation?

To ensure that the worker are motivated from inside to enable them work effectively and without any problem. It assists us to get some things off our mind and systems and to respond to some cases.

16. What does a traffic manager do?

It function is to act as intermediary between the account manager and the agencies where the account manager had sold some products.