The Effects of Multicultural Education

The Effects of Multicultural Education

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Multicultural education is a major factor in promoting cultural of most nations and as well increases a social cohesion globally. Perhaps, it is imperative that the institutions that we have to encourage other students from different parts of the continent to come and have a test of the global cake in education. There are various benefits associated with multicultural education especially to the students, learning in the different environment increases the students level of thought and also creates awareness.  This is because diverse environment allows the students to grow socially to sharpen their skills hence. Globally, the United States of America is the most diverse regarding culture, and this allows them to be somehow ahead of other nations. Having different students in the institutions have made the government to increase the facilities to accommodate the students, and these have led to the development of most institutions. The Teaches and the government should strive to promote multicultural education to ensure a conducive collaboration with other nations (Adams & Bell, 2016).

 However, there have been significant challenges facing the implementation of the multicultural education in our systems (Adams & Bell, 2016).  Some scholars gave out their thought that multicultural education is a hindrance to assimilation and should not be adopted. Other have stated that multicultural education has a way of leading people to become more divisive and is described to blind the students from ‘’ color’’. However, to confirm this study was to be conducted on the diversity of the America culture. The different sample was involved and result tabled on the variety of the American culture and whether it is essential for implementation or not.


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