The OSI Model system

The OSI Model system





The application layer

It is the highest layer in the OSI model and provides a link between the network protocol system and the software that is installed in the personal computer to perform a duty. The layer is imperative in that it can support the application with some necessary services (Li, & Zhang, 2011, May). For example, it is used to provide a link to the email services in the computer and other services like the telnet and file transfer protocol application and perhaps the ability to move files from one segment to the other within the computer.

The presentation layer

The primary role is to provide a syntax that allows the host network to communicate freely from one computer to the other. It is the one that transforms information or data into formats (Dehyadgari, & Navabi, 2006, March). For example, when we key in some data or information into the computer, the data is translated to some forms that can allow you to read. Maybe someone has sent me an email or some information; my computer presentation layer will convert the data in the email to some readable information. This medium happens because the data don’t come the way they are, they must be changed.

The session layer

The layer enhances communication between the two host networks in the system. The security operations and performance in my computer depend so much on the session layer. The operation on the header and footer depends on the availability of the layer. The layer had made sure that my computer gets a synchronized information or data from the other computer or perhaps networks around smoothly and efficiently. This medium allows a free transfer of information in the duplex and not single (Dehyadgari, & Navabi, 2006, March).

The transport and network layer

The sending of data or messages or perhaps emails from my computer to other have applied the use of this transport layer which has enabled the communication to take place (Li, & Zhang, 2011, May). The detection of error also uses the application. On the hand, the network layer is responsible for creation of data pockets paths between the machines to be transferred to the other destination. The primary role of the layer is to allow routing to take place. All the layers are actually on my PC since it can perform all the roles that are boosted by the layers. The physical and the direct link are also used.


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