The Human Centered Design and Prototype

The Human Centered Design and Prototype





The design is the best creation human has ever done over time. Due to these, several the worlds has managed to develop and established various projects which have helped the society as a whole (Nilsson, 2014). Most of the teams have come up together with the interest of doing design across the world. Perhaps, when we look closely at the world today, we can see the best works of design most probably from our student’s schools. For a design process to take place or perhaps to happen a lot of ideas are created and emerge from the teams, and this sometimes makes it difficult although it’s the part of design creation. Due to these prototype comes in to make the ideas created specific, precise and tangible. For example, the recent workshop involved the new team tasked to design ways help the youths with the alcohol addiction. The team came up with the model of mobile counseling centers. The prototype assists the designers to break the normality and share the idea with the other people which will allow you to get the feedback for the design process efficiency. The prototype will assist the designers to understand the demands of a particular service to the society. Lastly, we have a case study of an organization known as Sanergy that has applied the design and prototyping to meets its intentions and roles to the society.

The interesting part of the reading is one the part of finding feedbacks from the people and also going for the field work. The development of a design idea depends so much on the value of the feedback from the clients and the people in the society. It is so good to interact with people and spend your time with them especially when they give you the attention and perhaps allows you to share some drinks with them (Nilsson, 2014). For example;

A design seeking to find out some feedback on prototype invited some group to their space and made them feel comfortable by providing them with some excellent coaches and snacks as they converse and share ideas. The participants were encouraged to join the group as they share and develop ideas together easily and efficiently.

Moreover, getting information from the society and listening to their ideas is interesting. More of it happens when they comment about the ideas your team created. Some of the participants will tend to speak the truth and give the right comment irrespective of your presence. On the other hand, some members will sometimes give a wrong comment just to encourage you and to make you feel beautiful and appreciated. These aspects make the whole process enjoyable, and most of the designers enjoy all activity. The other aspects are because the feedback process involves some traveling and sometimes you may be forced to move to other continents and hence another chance for adventure.

As a designer, I have a lot of ideas on almost all the aspect of lives. Most probably, I do write my thoughts each and every day, and this allows me to gather information from all points. The recent design I created was about developing a dining table that has its sink in each and every seat to give the client comfortable time after and before eating. The designing is imperative for the improvement and development of the society especially in the provision of services like what the NGO do through a creation of ideas to meet the expectation of clients.


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