The History behind Spanish Self Identity Fascination

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The History behind Spanish Self Identity Fascination

         The originality of every state worldwide has brought some unusual factors, while investigating this issue to find out maybe why we have different skin colors in every nation. Perhaps Spain is not neglected and this can be established when we flashback on the history related to Spain. This come into reality when the Californians claimed Spanish ancestry and by the look of things they were biologically more indigenous American than European. However, the persistent and distorted idea of the Spain identity should be clearer now due to the practices Spain did as it transverse to Alter California.

         In order to explain the difference in race and culture bringing confusion. We look back during the three hundred years colonial rule of the New Spain, the tribal groups acquired Spanish names when they were baptized into the Catholic faith, during those period the missionaries will definitely change the Christians first names and the Spanish surnames as the as a symbol of their cultural and spiritual identity. The study also shows that during the colonial periods, the population of Spain was mainly composed of the Mexican tribal group, this gives a clear indication that Spanish people might have mingled with other tribes such as the Mexican and some Africans perhaps to obtain a social stability.

          During the colonial period the Alta California become a province of Spain giving birth to gentle de razon identity and a crown to the Christians in Spain. These difference in cultural factors among the Spanish and the gentle de razon commonly called “people of reason” brought a distinction between the native people of Spain and the indigenous.  Therefore this explains the identity and the originality of the Spanish people from the colonial periods and most probably why their culture is diverse and they cannot claim they own it.