Race and Ethnic Discrimination In The Society

Race and Ethnic Discrimination In The Society




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The Society globally has faced a lot of mayhem by trying to divide people along ethnic and race. This medium has affected those undermined making them feel hated and neglected hence lowering their self-esteem. The experiment started in a small all-white town of Riceville. The movie opens with Jane Elliott going to class feeling upset and confused at the fall of their Hero Martin Luther. Due to this incident, Elliott decides to teach her class a daring lesson about the meaning of discrimination to make the pupils understand how discrimination affects people (Elliott, 2012).

She decides to divide the class based on the color of their eyes, such that those with blue eyes and those with brown eyes were in the different classroom. The course with the blue eyes was praised, and everything was being given to them not forgetting even the lunch line (Elliott, 2012). The opposite happened to the other pupils, and this made them feel inferior and thus affecting them in class. The same way in the society we divide people according to class and sometimes according to the color of their skin. This automatically creates an inferiority complex among the discriminated group. The same lesson was taken to the adult at the Lowa prison.


Discrimination in the society has affected the economic and social growth in many countries. The marginalized and the discriminated group has been lowered to live a life of failure since they are not accepted and therefore making them feel out of life. Their dreams died the day they were divided and perhaps this is why we are still fighting poverty and failure in many nations. We forget the cause and the primary root of this wretched life we are living. That is why Elliott stands out to teach about this issue, and we thank her for changing the mindset of people (Elliott, 2012).

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