A synopsis Of Marine Collision Avoidance And Trajectories Article

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A synopsis Of Marine Collision Avoidance And Trajectories Article

There have been some reports from the marine departments concerning the trajectories in the marine transport system. Some transporting vessels have found their way into the paths of the other ships, therefore, causing accidents as a result of the interception. Due to these collisions in the past and in the recent times a desire to end this mess come to reality with different suggestions from (Fossen, 2011). This led to the formation of several automatic avoidance systems to help curb the problem that is disturbing the marine department. This medium resulted in the formation of AIS (Automatic Identification system).

Due to the need to get rid of collisions, the company decided to implement some ideas. These involve the prediction of a passive vessel behavior to improve the new model; the modeling should be done based on the proposed AIS systems, using the trajectory planning to avoid the collisions through the use of shaped vessels that can automatically detect its route and therefore solving the problem. The implementation of these methods was believed to make changes in the marine sector (Fossen, 2011). 


Fossen, T.I., 2011. Handbook of marine craft hydrodynamics and motion control. John Wiley & Sons.