LM Strategies Used By General Electronics

LM Strategies Used By General Electronics


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            Lafley and Martin teachings concerning several methods on how to develop and put in place various strategies for the smooth and efficient operation of the business or any organizations such as the general electronics commonly known as the GE (Eckes, 2002). They have come up with such important points to help reduce to mismanagement, this method provided in the leaflets apply to all the levels in an organization such as from the corporation, business units, products and finally teams. The case study to these points is brought in place through the management period of GE by the appointed head such as Welch.

                          1. Winning aspiration of General electronics?

             The existence of every organization or any business in the market platform is to make the profit and not losses; this is in other terms may be referred to as the desire to win by every organization. And this why they move each time and strive to be the best in the market putting in place the best strategies to curb the stiff competition.LM states that anything that is less than the expectation is stupidity and he lays out strategic plans like for you to win you must start with people and nothing else because they are the market (Monacia,2013). This strategy is applied by Welch who one day decided to move to the branches to review how the human resource team fairing and how it’s developing. This tells us clearly that people are essential for the thriving of an organization and managers should not ignore this resource.

                  2.  Where will General electronics play?

            This describes the role to be played by every organization in the market who wants to win in this highly competitive economy. LM says that an organization should be able to encourage all the stakeholders to be thinkers while carrying out the activities, perhaps thinking should be the backbone of every business (Henderson, 2000). Despite this, they believe that anything that is less of result should be considered foolishness. Welch as the leader of GE puts his view that most organization including GE, unfortunately, thinks in incremental terms instead of having fundamental thoughts for the change. This gives a vivid picture that most success of the business is tied by the chains of their ideas.

       3.  How will GE play to win?

            To win an organization is expected to do some activities, this because the organization does not operate in isolation but alongside several competitors.LM  gives the account  that to deal with other firms you need to boldly look for the big breakthrough, in other words, to be optimistic. Perhaps, there has been a series of meetings involving the top leaders in the General Electronics to discuss the competitor’s ways of doing things in the market.During these meetings, a lot of questions were asked and the solution given to curb the competition.

     4. Capabilities to be put in place and management systems to be applied.

            The LM articles provide a solution to every organization existing; they state that when an opportunity comes, the firms should be sensitive to start with people as the selling point and then consider other things. That is why the GE opted to check the human resource department to make sure that its operating well.  The management system applied by the GE is involving the everyone in the firm to enhance their confidence, this will, therefore, led to the efficient operation.


            The LM article is very much necessary for the functioning of many firms in the society; they give direction on putting in place the best management teams in the market, they offer solutions to the problems existing in the struggling organizations and giving them hope to thrive in the next operation.

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