How Policy Honors The Norms Of Truth And Motivate Faculty

                                         How Policy Honors The Norms Of Truth And Motivate Faculty





                  The idea of how the policies honor the norms of truth has drowned a lot of exotic questions leaving many without the right direction to mitigate their actions in the organization. Most organization or a  institution are guided by policies to enable them to operate freely and intuitively, but unfortunately, this has not been the case since many plans in the most organization have been delayed due to the policy of who should be trusted to make the decision and carry out the plans. The top leaders as recorded in the hierarchy have displaced a lot of reluctance in the discharge of the programs. Perhaps the truth that should be there is that all the staff should be allowed to take part in the decision making. This medium has negatively or positively affected the faculty(Morrill, 2010).

                 The plan set aside by most departments to perform a particular institutional project has experienced a lot of delays in time frames. I looked what Harvey and Kosmas say about this issue at hand, and I found out that most of the institutions have this policy that most of the organizational decision-making is done by a group of experts(Longden, 2009). They believe that this will help to make best and effective plans and projects in the faculties. Most absurdly this has not been then resulting since decision making carried out by a team of experts has taken too long to ripe due to a lot of disagreements in the process and a lot of ideas coming up and hence a problem of which to use arises. This medium has affected the coming up of the most institution through lack of development to be carried.


                  Some organizations have thrived well in the policy they use to govern and control the faculty of concern. This medium shows that some systems in an organization honor the truth while others run away from the norms of truth. Most probably, the ones that go hand in hand with the fact has worked most of the time successfully, and not to forget sometimes this may not happen as per the expectation of the faculty. I want to say that the relationship between the organization’s policy, the norms of truth and the motivation is directly proportional to each other(Marshal, s, 2007).

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