How Cognitive Computing Can Enhance Decision Making

How Cognitive Computing Can Enhance Decision Making




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I take this opportunity to write about cognitive computing; I believe you have come across this word phrase on many occasion through your personal reading and perhaps through friends or even in the media. The cognitive computing means the production of human thoughts and assimilating them in electronic media. It involves a lot of self-learning processes and uses several data extraction methods, data recognition and moreover the natural language to copy how the superior human brain works. Furthermore, the modeled computing systems have mimicked how human brain assimilate information to data that can be used or read by many people. This medium has helped the society to come up with automated IT systems that have been used to make machines that have so far helped humans to make work easier. These devices include the computers and other that are used by men for work (Kelly, 2013).

Cognitive computing has been used worldwide in making work easier, hence have a greater influence in decision-making, Machines like computers has been used in many organizations to enhance decision making since information can easily reach many people especially those needed to make decisions (Nahmias,2013). This ease of passing the information and the fact that the information can reach many people at the same time makes it easy to make the decision. Since many people can now access media departments through their phones or even the TVs, getting the opinion of them become easy and therefore officiating the process of decision making.

 This media has assisted the world to improve on their technology and hence boosting the workability of the people and perhaps making people grow intellectually to be better than the machines. Without saying much, I want to say thank you in advance for taking your time and here from me.

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