Performance Enhancement and Research

Performance Enhancement and Research

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Motivation impacts employee performance. The more the employees are motivated the more they are willing to execute their tasks with excellence and performance. When they are less motivated, they will not be engaged or productive in their work. Therefore, organizations have to use effective strategies to enhance motivation and performance.

Barbosa-McCoy (2016) conducted a study exploring the motivational strategies used by hotel managers to enhance employee performance. The findings showed that employee recognition through various rewards was a key motivator. However, the study participants focused more on extrinsic motivation. Taking employees’ viewpoints on which strategies offered motivation would have identified intrinsic and extrinsic forms of motivation. This is considering literature supports the use of intrinsic motivation to enhance performance.

In Ted Talk, Dan Pink talks about ‘The Puzzle of Motivation’. According to this article, incentives such as free staff, bonuses, and perks do not motivate people and therefore do not enhance employee performance. According to Pink, 21st-century jobs cannot rely on extrinsic motivators (Ted Global, 2009). Instead, they should focus on using autonomy, mastery, and purpose motivators. However, evidence shows extrinsic motivators improve performance. Therefore, Pink’s approach is just one of the different types of motivational strategies for enhancing performance.

Base on the two articles, there is a dilemma on which motivators can enhance performance. This dilemma can be solved through various strategies. First, organizations should consider both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators as effective strategies to enhance performance. Second, organizations should consider the motivators of individual employees instead of generalizing (Judge, 2002). Third, organizations should consider the situation before selecting the type of motivators to offer. For example, complex tasks may demand intrinsic motivation more than simple tasks.


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