Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

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Popeyes chicken sandwich took advantage of social media marketing strategy in preparation for market re-entry. The purpose of this campaign was to drive awareness of the newest product. The outcome was positive. Within two weeks the campaign had attracted many Twitter followers, and customers not forgetting a huge boost in profits (Fox News, 2019).

The social media campaign had two key objectives. First, Popeyes wanted to attract a great number of customers. The second objective was boosting its profits after launching the new product. The campaign successfully achieved these objectives. Just two weeks after the launch of the chicken sandwich, the company had sold out the product (Fox News, 2019). The company also announced immense profits during this period.

The social media campaign had strengths as well as weaknesses. The following are the identified strengths. First, they used visual storytelling effectively making the ad unique. Second, personality was added to the campaign (Fox News, 2019). This is the part I found more interesting. It made Popeyes more likable to the fans, media, as well as other organizations. Third, the campaign turned problems into opportunities. After running out of the product, they used the same marketing strategy to prepare customers for a permanent comeback (Fox News, 2019). One weakness with the campaign was late announcement. An earlier breaking of the news would have enabled more sandwich users to get the news.

From Popeyes’ social media campaign, I have learned two things as an advertiser. First, social media marketing is a powerful strategy for attracting and engaging more customers. It is thus critical to take advantage of this marketing strategy. Second, it is not about how much you spend on social media campaigns. Rather, it is about how you maximize the impact of your campaign.


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