Philosophy of Nursing

Philosophy of Nursing

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My personal core values are honesty, compassion, respect, persistent, and kindness. Living with honesty telling the truth. It involves avoiding cheating, stealing, or deceiving. I believe in telling the truth and backing it up with actions. By being honest, I am able to feel good about what I do. Honesty also helps in creating trustful relations with others. Compassion involves believing in humanity. It involves being ready to help other people.  I believe in going out of my way to help people who are suffering. By respect I mean treating other people well. It involves regarding other people as important and showing them consideration for their feelings and needs. I believe in persistence. The ability to persevere irrespective of any obstacles. I don’t believe in the spirit of giving up. Additionally, I value kindness. This is the quality of being considerate, affectionate, and friendly. It requires helping other people without expecting their help back.

I believe that the core values and beliefs in nursing are caring, integrity, and excellence. Every nursing school teaches students the importance of being caring. This involves being able to understand and experience the experiences of a patient and the care givers. Caring helps in adopting the best methods for managing health care. Integrity involves making ethical decisions. Showing commitment to the right thing and tell truth. The value helps in creating an open relationship between a nurse and a patient. Additionally, I believe excellence is a key value in nursing. The value discourages tolerating of mediocrity. It requires a commitment to growth. Through the culture, nurses embrace change essential in delivering quality care to patients.

The core values and beliefs of nursing aim to improve patient’s healing, safety, and empower them. I believe that my personal values and beliefs align with the nursing values. When it comes to caring, nursing practice requires a caring person. An individual who seeks to improve the lives of other people. This is exactly what I believe in. I believe that telling the truth and doing what is right is important in creating a relationship that is based on trust. Additionally, being persistent and excellence goes hand in hand. By being persistent I am able to learn more about the profession essential in giving quality services to the community. I believe that my personal values and nursing values are compatible. Both work towards achieving the mission of nursing which is to empower patients, and improve their health.  

Through the personal and professional values, I believe that as a registered professional nurse I will be able to deliver quality services in the community. I know that humans are not perfect. In this case, I will ensure that before I make any decision I rethink it. I will uphold the values at all times. If I face a conflict between professional values and my personal values, I will consult a mentor to find a better solution. This will ensure that I meet the needs of the patients without having to compromise my beliefs. I will ensure that whenever am giving services to other people, am guided by my personal values and those of the nursing profession. This way, I will not only impact positively their lives but also influence my colleagues to be guided by professional values. Most importantly, the values will enable me to give hope to patients and their care givers. Be guided by the values will enable me to achieve my dream of being a mentor and a source of inspiration.