Importance of Computer Science in today’s Society



Importance of Computer Science in today’s Society

Computer science plays an essential role in our society today because we live in a technology-dependent world. Computer science leads to the development of applications that improve transport, a society issue, it creates a more equitable society, expands communication, and helps in predicting and addressing disasters.

Computer science leads to the generation of direct applications that help address societal issues such as transportation issues. For instance, people no longer have to travel to the pick-up station to travel to their destinations. They simply need to open an app such as the uber app, set up the pickup location, request for a ride, and get picked from where they are. By just tapping a button, transport is made easy and simple.

Computer science has created a more equitable world. Computer science leads to the development of inexpensive solutions which levels the playing field. It therefore acts as a tool for societal balance in regard to ethnicity, gender, and background.  For instance, by using the Uber app, everyone in society regardless of their status, identity, or background, gets a convenient ride to their destination.

Computer science expands communication. Through technology, the world has become a global village. Applications created through computer science knowledge does not only improve but also expand communication. The communication favors expansion of businesses across the globe. For instance, computer science has enabled Uber services to cross borders and society is conveniently enjoying their ride.

Computer science helps in predicting and avoiding disasters. Applying computer science in predicting disasters is having a positive impact on society. Being able to foresee a disaster helps in developing strategies to prevent it eventually creating a disaster-free society.