Executive Summary

Executive Summary

There is a significant number of people aged 55 and above in Mission Viejo area and its ten neighboring zip codes (target demographics).  The population is highly vulnerable to age-related diseases (Roberge et al., 2016). This is associated with an increased demand for healthcare (Anderson et al., 2012). Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center cannot adequately address the special needs of the population since it has to provide healthcare to over half a million residents. The Golden Age Hospital (GAH) would like to join forces with the Mission Hospital to cater to the needs of the elderly community (Target group). Just as the Children’s Hospital at Mission (CHM) project was necessary and successful, the GAH is necessary and will be dedicated to addressing the specific needs of the elderly more effectively. By utilizing the state of art equipment and services for the Mission Hospital, the project will be successful. The most common medical conditions of seniors include arthritis, cancer, heart disease, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and depression (Anderson et al., 2012).  With the help of our specialists GAH would effectively address these conditions improving life quality for the elderly. With a single hospital and a community clinic, GAH would provide quality care to the elderly. Given that estimates show that 20% of Americans will be aged 65 years or older by 2030, the demand for the GAH is critical (Anderson, 2012, p.394).


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