Political strategy

Political strategy



Various political strategies are useful in solving society issues. In this paper proactive policing strategies have been identified as most effective in addressing the problems in the chosen families. Law enforcers use the approach with the purpose of preventing crimes. They work with communities to minimize crimes. The approach also helps in enhancing the relations between law enforcers and the community.

The Bradley Family

Tiffani is the daughter to Robert and Shondra. Tiffani has been arrested severally for prostitution. She started living with a man she called her husband at 14 years. Donald sold her to John T. various burn marks and bruises on her arms and legs indicate that Tiffani was underdoing abuse. The family history seems to push her into the problem. The proactive policing strategy would help solve the problem (Slosar & Sherraden, 2002). The parents would be educated on the impacts of drug abuse on family members in presence of law enforcers. They will then help Tiffani through the recovery journey.

The Levi Family

Jake is husband to Sheri and father to Myles and Levi. Both Jake and Sheri used drugs in the past and are still abusing drugs. One major case of concern though is that of child neglect. Sheri is not only concerned about the drinking habit of Jake but also about his absence in the lives of their two sons. She is also concerned that he might neglect the baby she is carrying. Proactive policing strategies will help address the problem. Through the strategies, law enforcers will ensure the family sensitized on the effects of drug abuse on their families and the legal implication (McNutt, 2011). Additionally, the approach will educate Jake on his role as a father.

Susanna’s family

Susanna and the son witnessed flooding crisis that carried the family pets while destroying their home. The family went through a traumatizing experience. Proactive policing strategies will help solve the problem. Together with the community law enforcers can give the family basic needs and help them psychologically to get over the trauma (Jansson, 2018). More importantly, the government will focus on preventing such disasters in the future.


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