Media Proposal Assignment

Media Proposal Assignment

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Influence of media

Media departments such as magazines, promotion operations, and TV programs depict the use of alcohol as well as other illicit drugs as a familiar aspect. According to Atkinson, et al. 2011, these media operations influence the way a child or a youth considers the use of drugs in the society which can have a consequential influence on their relationship with these substances. It is apparent that advertisement and media have advanced substance abuse in children and youths as a result of how they display these substances. Through the media, the children and youths understand that these substances can be used resulting into their involvement in the consumption of these illicit drugs. Thus, it becomes a significant issue to correct the behavior because the influence originates from socially trusted means of public communication like the media.

In the US television shows, alcohol and cigarette are among the drugs that are depicted. The smoking and drinking scenes of cigarettes and alcohol respectively in the music videos make the youths perceive that it is normal to drink or smoke without any consequence that follows suit. Moreover, alcohol is normally linked to parties, fun moments and celebrations which most of the youths would consider to try out when they are involved in some of their celebration (Atkinson et al. 2011). For instance, some programs in American TV have displayed young people pretending to drink, are among the programs that affect children to abuse drugs. It is also not enough for the Motion Pictures Association of American (MPAA) to rate these films or programs to require parental guidance (PG). These programs should be discarded from the media departments to maintain sanity in the industry.


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