Differences between Mercantilist and dialectical

Differences between Mercantilist and dialectical

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Psychologists have significant progress in their attempts to illustrate how development takes place among human beings. Over time, a developmental psychologist has been engaged in controversies in their understanding of development as progressive, or stage focused. For instance, Riegel analyzes the different understanding of human development from Mercantilist and dialectical interpretations (Riegel, 2013). Mercantilist posits an understanding of the economic aspect of human development while dialectical talks about the mental development of human beings as they develop. The paper explains the difference between Mercantilist and dialectical. 

There are differences between the mercantilist and dialectical understanding of human development. First, mercantilist expounds on the growth in human capital which is the very essence of development encouraging the government to increase its reliance on monopolies (Issac, 2013). On the other hand, dialectic operations are the basis of cognitive development. According to Reigel, Piaget got it right when he stated that dialectic was at work in the early stages of human mental development, but he was wrong when he said that the theory was consistent as individual ages and developed. In light of this, it is evident that mercantilist majored on the explanation of human development in regards to human capital whereas dialectic majored on the mental aspect of human development. 


The two human development interventions have been challenging to define as a theoretical system. However, it is apparent that the approach to explaining human development among the two interventions differs. For instance, mercantilist tends to focus more on the capital aspect of human development while dialectical interventions tend to focus more on the mental aspect of human development. Moreover, it is evident that dialectic interventions tend to contradict Piaget’s theory of human development while mercantilist does not.


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